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William Alexander at Raintaxi :
“Knight’s cartoons are single-panel snapshots of political and current events. His adorable drawing style gives the impression that each cartoon is a window into a warm, happy world of harmless humor; instead he takes an unflinching look at war, torture, and poverty. There’s a skillful negotiation at work here: Knight’s wit and goofy style serve as pressure valves, releasing the tension that comes of tackling harsh material (…). The result is as painful as it is hysterical. (…) Keith Knight is an outstanding cartoonist, comedian, and political commentator. (…) his visual style and sense of humor are his own, and the nation is lucky to have him.”

A review by Leroy Douresseaux:
“Knight is sharp and clever, and his humor and commentary are even sharper. He is, though, not mean-spirited, and he only draws blood when he has to… (…)
Although Knight probably calls (th)ink a comic strip, it’s more like an ongoing editorial cartoon. (…) Knight’s cast is America itself, and really that’s what an editorial cartoonist generally uses as his cast – our nation…”

Recommended by
“The panels go straight for flesh, aiming to wound deeply, as when a homeless war vet is stepped over on the street without even being seen. Knight often directly addresses the country’s racism. Even when it’s not his explicit subject, you won’t often see strips with as many black characters elsewhere, a situation that subtly points out how whitewashed much of the comic page is…”

Indies worth reading on (scroll down a little, towards the end of page):
“It’s a staggering look at American ignorance and hypocrisy, but you cannot deny the fundamental truth of Knight’s point. That’s what makes him so damned good at what he does, and that’s why you should buy this book.”

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Five stars on Amazon:
“If you’re familiar with the K Chronicles, you probably already appreciate Keith Knight’s wacky and pointed sense of humor and charming loopy drawing style. The (th)ink strips are different since they’re only one panel each: they get an idea across immediately… whammo! like getting hit upside the head… in a good way. Really different from typical mainstream political cartoons, the (th)ink strips made me smile long after I read them. Check it out!”

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