All 3 Marginal Prophets CDs, plus mini-comic: $30!!



Our now classic debut album features so many bizarre samples that every company that wanted to sign us freaked out at the cost of officially releasing this album! Includes the Prophet classics, “Like This!”, “Gunz-n-Money”, and “Phat in the Whole”(“rock” AND “roll” versions!)

$10 + $2 p&h


The story behind this was that we took so long release a 2nd disc, that this hippie would threaten us with releasing a bootleg live album if we don’t release one soon. We said we would kill him if he did. Features the only recorded version of everyone’s favorite masturbation song, “Best Lover”!!

$5 + $1 p&h

Cammie-award-winning BOHEMIAN RAP CD

The California Music Award-winning CD with the title that others wish they’d thought of. Boho is the culmination of funky band, cartoony samples, and two rappers with way too much time (and other things) on their hands! Features the only recorded version of the “Bounce to This” version of “Phat in the Whole”. Plus the classics, “Yes Pants” and “Spotlight”.

$10 + $2 p&h

Wondering what the Marginal Prophets sound like?

This is the reunion show where I tore my second achilles tendon!

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