Life’s Little Victories are the tiny little daily occurances that we should take a moment to celebrate.  I suggest a fist or two in the air, and shouting “YES!!”
What began as a one-shot strip has blossomed into a regular reader favorite.

Send us your Victory!

Don’t hold back!! Send in YOUR Little Victories and keep an eye out for ’em in upcoming strips!! Leave your victory in the comments box or email them to

The #1 Sent Life’s Little Victory (Ahem–so you don’t need to send that one in any more, okay?):

The sports car that cut you off five minutes ago…
gets bagged by the cops for speeding! YES!

Own your very own Victory!

For $250, Keef will draw YOUR Little Victory, sign it, and send it out to you, suitable for framing. Please run the Victory by Keef before you order…he reserves the right to reject freaky victories!!

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