“Keith Knight is mapping out a previously unknown vector of the vast cartoon universe.”

Garry Trudeau, creator of “Doonesbury”

“Fluid and energetic and wild … very, very smart and very, very funny.”

Aaron McGruder, creator of “The Boondocks”


“Intelligent, progressive, and damn funny comics are what every paper needs and that’s what Keith delivers every week.”

Boston’s Weekly Dig


“It’s hard to make a comic that is this funny while also so frequently profound. Keith Knight] deals with so many issues with both gravitas and such a light touch, while never missing a chance at a cheap laugh. This is the work of a master.”

Dave Eggers, author of a “Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius”


“The fact that (th)ink manages -in one measly panel!- to distill, dissect and diss American life with so much courage, insight and wit is further proof of Keith’s genius…and a reason to keep hope alive.”

Adam Mansbach, author of “Angry Black White Boy” and “Go The Fuck To Sleep”


“These insightful strips would be right at home with syndication in every hometown newspaper (we can only hope that newspapers would be so progressive).”

Fun House


“Exuberant and funny, accessible yet subversive…”

Carol Lay, creator of “Story Minute”


“I literally fell in love with a strip called The K Chronicles by Keith Knight. That was the first autobiographical work I’d ever seen. I was just a Marvel guy in regards to comics. But Keith’s stuff just blew me away. When I met him at WonderCon in Oakland, I told him that I wanted to do what he was doing for a living and he told me to just get off my ass. I went back to the newspaper I was working at and began to develop True Story, Swear To God.”

Tom Beland, cartoonist



the Oregonian


“…a Knight that bares the soul behind armor.”

Boston Globe


“He has a wry, subtle sense of humor, and is observant enough to pick upon the funny shit that happens around us in our day–to–day existence.”

Harvey Pekar, creator of “American Splendor”


“Point blank: Keith Knight is one of our generation’s best cartoonists. If he were any funnier, he’d be illegal.”

Jeff Chang, author of “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”


“Keith Knight may be the coolest person in San Francisco.”

San Francisco Chronicle


“Keith Knight throws his personal foibles and idiosyncrasies into a topical mix, and the resulting comics are so fresh, original, and funny that you really want to crack the paper and find out what’s on his mind. The K Chronicles is fantastic!”

Lloyd Dangle, creator of “Troubletown”

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