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I Left My Arse in San Francisco Store

Excerpt from Johanna at Comics Worth Reading:
The same subjects are here — travel, daily life, family concerns, making comics — but they’re approached from a more adult point of view. He’s less into partying and mischief-making and more concerned with married life and mentoring the next generation. I like it. I think his early books are hilarious, but in a more anthropological way. “Look at those wacky bits of urban living!” This one is still funny, but in a way I could better relate to. (…)

Passion of the Keef Store

Quotes  from Amazon readers:
“I’d be homeless if it weren’t for Keith Knight…funny and original…Wish the ol’ Stars and Stripes paper would carry this… Passion For The Geek.”

Randy Lander’s review on TheFourthRail.com (Scroll down, the second review): “Passion of The Keef isn’t all about mocking the current administration or politics. His “Life’s Little Victories” continue to be a joyful celebration of the little, stupid things in life that make the big disappointments worth living through, and the insights into Knight’s personal life are always funny as well. This volume features the strips around the time he got married, and with that comes the usual jokes about settling down as well as some very funny material about his new German in-laws and the culture shock they faced when visiting America and the culture shock he faced when visiting Germany. Knight focuses in on the trivial aspects of life as well as what’s most important, and always comes up with something to make you laugh and often make you think. The Passion of The Keef, like all the K Chronicles books, is well-observed, smart and funny.”

What a Long Strange Strip it’s Been Store

Quotes  from Amazon readers:
“This man can write and he can draw. His strips are wry, droll, clever, unpredictable, artful, sexual, slapstick, charming, self-disclosive, humble, FUNNY!!!!! The drawings alone can make you laugh….the text will make you laugh out loud…or wince! I dare you to read this guy and not want to get to know him…..Mr. Knight comes across so honest, it is unsettling. His alter ego in the strip is wildly egotistical and never fails to get flattened like a ‘cartoon character’ when reality comes steam rolling over him…….this character is a riot and this young man is just awesome. Too original for the ‘mainstream’, he deserves every success. So support a brilliant newcomer……. Run ahead of the pack and buy this book. It’s a riot! “

Dances With Sheep Store

Amazon readers demand a Purlitzer for Dances With Sheep:
“He wears a skirt and does backflips! Ewwwwwww…There Outta be a Pulitzer…Keef is hilarious!…Don’t wash this book… Some hope for the future of comics…Funny, funny, funny!”

Fear of a Black Marker Store

Comment about Fear in the Passion book introduction by Aaron McGruder: “I first discovered Keith years ago – I think it was in the limbo period between when The Boodocks got signed but before it came out. When I would just hang around Borders and think how cool it was going to be, to be the smartest, hippest, coolest black cartoonist out. Then I wandered over to the comics section and saw Fear of a Black Marker. Keith was already cooler than me for three reasons: 1) He had a book. 2) There were some gushing comments in the book by Garry Trudeau. 3) He had successfully flipped a Public Enemy song title. Damn. And I almost had this COOL YOUNG BLACK CARTOONIST THING all to myself. It was time to hate.
When I actually opened the book, I was amazed not only how funny the strip was, but how different it was. Different than anything I had ever seen. It was so dense, but fluid and energetic and wild. And it was very, very, very smart, and very, very funny. (..)”

Quotes  from Amazon readers:
“Just give this guy a read…Get this Book…Another wonderful K Chronicles compendium…Faster, Sheep-lover! Laugh! Laugh!… Keith is a sweetie!…Up with Keef…The Best…Ummmm-Bop”

Thumbnail Book Review for Fear and Dances with Sheep by John Q McDonald:
“It is difficult to describe what it is that makes any particular comic strip appealing. But for the couple hundred pages of the K Chronicles assembled in these hilarious books, I’ll try…” http://sprg.ssl.berkeley.edu/~jmcd/book/revs2/fobm.html

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