Hey y’all!  I’ll be bringing my new slideshow, They Shoot Black People, Don’t They?( Police Brutality cartoons from Rodney King to Ferguson, Mo.) to the wifey’s fine home country of Germany in November.  Here’s the sched:

University of Siegen- Mon. 11/17 4-6pm

University of Bremen-Tues 11/18 4:15-5:15

University of Osnabrueck- Weds. 11/19 6pm

University of Bochum- Thurs 11/20 8pm @ Goldkante

Free University of Berlin- Tues. 11/25 2pm-4pm Rm. 319 JFKl Library

I’ll be excited about it once I get all my deadlines done!!



Adding me to the round table makes me look forward to checking my e-mail. you are a brilliant man and I am glad  to have found your artistic views on things I can relate to! I first stumbled upon your works in the “Funny Times” probably 20 years ago, and found enjoyment from every panel I read…. Again, thank you sir for bringing so much joy to me.


Hello Keith

Good thing I was too lazy to contact you on the deadline date you had given me – the book was delivered today!
That was a very long time it has taken to arrive – the postal date states that it was shipped on second August (my birthday, btw!).
But Keith – for your next book I may (will!) order from you, please use something sturdier than a mere paper envelope – the book has no dramatic damages, but it looks a bit roughed up!

Nevertheless – I salute you – with a cup of coffee in my hand!

Liebe Grüße an die Familie                                 M. in Germany

(I’ve been really, really slow at filling orders of the new Knight Life book, Knight Takes Queen!  I was overwhelmed by the amount of pre-ordered Artists Editions!  I was psyched, but it’s been slow-going…Apologies!-kk)

Hey Keef–

I have been a subscriber for a while, and have seen your offers of original art for strips at a certain price.

This week’s K Chronicles strip about police brutality is one of your best. Is it up for sale?

I am a 57 year old white woman who is sick and tired of hearing about black people being fucked over (excuse the crude language), harassed, beaten and killed by the fucking (ditto) POLICE, who are supposed to “protect and serve.”

If you happened to hear last week’s “StoryCorps” on NPR, it was a black kid (Alex) who was adopted by a white woman, and who eventually got stopped by the police for nothing, beaten to a pulp, called a “fuckin’ nigger,” and jailed. He and his mom talked about how this was a watershed moment in both of their lives. He eventually got a settlement from the police for over $700k, but their lives were changed forever.

I am SO sick of this crap. Here is the StoryCorps broadcast:


And that is just one more story.

I am a Unitarian, and we believe in the inherent value of every human being. I love the picture on the NPR page of Alex and his mom. That’s love, and we Unitarians “stand on the side of love.”

However, I have trouble with recognizing the inherent value of people who brutalize or even kill others for sport, or from a position of power because of prejudice. I’m working on that.

I will pray, and hope, that someday I will be there. In the meantime, I think that all of these people who end up as police officers who kill people who were probably cute, loving children. What happened? How do people get their behaviors shaped in such a way that shooting a black kid six times, including in the head, while he’s running from you is acceptable or defensible? Is it fear? Hatred? It’s a mystery to me.

OK, this e-mail was really about buying the original art from this week’s K Chronicles strip (about Ferguson). Let me know if it’s up for sale and what the price would be. And hang in there and keep doing what you do! Your voice is very important.



(And this is why I’m taking my slideshow on the road!!  Now, if only some American universities would invite me..!!-kk)



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