I’ll be bringing an all-new slideshow to the California College of Arts San Francisco campus for their 2nd annual Comics in the City series!!

Details here:  https://www.cca.edu/calendar/2014/comics-city-keith-knight-knight-life


I don’t know Keith Knight – I’ve traded one e-mail with him and it was cool, but that’s about it – but I respect his art. He does a comic that might have been inspired by Matt Groening’s “Life in Hell” (before he did “The Simpsons”) or might be independent evolution. I don’t know and I really don’t care. But the reason I mention him is that he occasionally does a bit called “Life’s Little Victories.”


Google it. seriously. I don’t want to include links; I want you to go Google “Keith Knight Life’s Little Victories” now, before you read on. Please do it. He’s a good artist and he deserves your attention.



Did you do it?


(yes) great, please read on.
(no) Fuck you. I mean “please play along. Please.”



OK. Now that you know what a life’s little victory is – I just had one.


I have a job.


I have kept this secret for a while. I believe I have written that I lost a job a while ago. I have had a job for an unspecified period of time since then. It is the kind of job where I am required to carry an ID card. I choose to carry it on a clip on my belt. OK? It’s a fairly common phenomenon. Maybe there’s an RFID chip in it, or a magnetic strip or something.


Well I was just in the bathroom taking a big ol’ whiz … and my ID card snapped off its holder on my belt, and fell onto the side of the toilet bowl.


…and it laid there, for just a moment, neutrally balanced on the edge of the bowl. Would it stay there? Would it fall out? Would it fall in? (gross).


…and it fell out.



I was told years ago by a co-worker from Venezuela:

“Babies are so cute you could just eat them; and when they are older, you wish that you had.”

Can’t sound that much better in the original Spanish.



New parent?  OK, let me know when:

At any moment, even when you don’t have the baby/child with you, someone can ask you to point towards your kid and, somehow, YOU JUST CAN!  Even when they are miles away. When did they implant a tracking device in them?

That was a weird realization for me. 


A weirder truth:  The woman who loved you and you only more than anyone else on earth, now would sacrifice you in a heartbeat if need be to save the life of your new baby.  Go ahead, ask her.

Great stuff you have.  Different.  You share a great joy in observing life.



Life’s Little Victories:

When a ComicCon attendee visits your booth and informs you your new Anthology is “too big” and buys your smallest cheapest item (” Please inscribe that to my husband. Why doesn’t Funny Times have a booth?”)

…. and her husband shows up 5 minutes later and buys the Anthology for himself. (“Why doesn’t Funny Times have a booth? Please inscribe this to me….”)

Thanks KK, you da best….



Dear Keith,

I was reading the daily funnies in my local paper, The San Francisco Chronicle (I also read the Santa Cruz Comic News), and I just saw your August 6th strip about the Service Animal for the texting!!

I read your comic strip every day along with some of my other favorites :)
My name is Marcel, I am 12 years old and I live in Santa Cruz County of California (about 2 hours from San Fran).

And I just wanted to know that you’re animation was one of my favorites of the year!! It really speaks the truth! :) I hope that all of your many other readers found this hilarious also. Shortly after I’m done I will hang the strip up on my bedroom wall (along with some other strips I tend to hang up).

Sincerely, Marcel

P.S. Are you a local artist? Also, will you have any upcoming Multimedia Lectures in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area?

(see above post-kk)


Love to you, Mr. K . . .
Before I went out on the road with my husband as a semi-truck operator, I clipped out one of your masterpieces from Funny Times, dated 1999.  The title was ‘Dumb as a Brick,’ but it’s about killer bees;it ‘stopped’ at your image pouring honey on your head: “gloop!” 

. . . It isn’t so much that your humor is laugh-out-loud, but that the drawings are so hysterically indescribably cool to look at!  (The bees are so d–d cute!)
The world needs your perspective on this Magical Theatre of Life more than you’ll ever know . . .
        [I was a regular attendee at Comic Con from its inception until 1996]
                                        [geez — DON’T move to Oklahoma!!!]
Bless you and thank you! ! !
> Dear Mr. Knight,
> I’m a semiregular reader of your strip, and do take some issue with your likening of college football to slavery.  I think it’s crucial to consider that NCAA regulations about athletes being unpaid is there to apply broadly to all scholarship-eligible athletic programs.  These rules apply broadly, to swimmers, wrestlers, field hockey players in athletic programs that generate very little income compared to the behemoths, men’s basketball and men’s football  I’m not a fan of college football- I’d rather watch NFL- and do find the coaches’ salaries to be pretty egregiously ugly.  But you can’t compare it to slavery when these student-athletes are gaining some tremendous opportunities for a future life after college outside of athletics.  You can’t just look at a white coach yelling at a black player and say, “whoa, that’s slavery.”  I would consider that an insult to the terrible injustice and suffering on the part of Africans and African-Americans
>  from 1620 to the 1860s.
> thanks for reading,
> E.
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