Extremely excited to announce I have a new Patreon page set up.  It’s essentially like Kickstarter, but not for just one project.  It’s for your ongoing output of goodness!  You can donate as little as $1 per month!!

This vid explains it well:

If the page is a success, I’ll be taking less freelance work, and get back to what I do best!!

Here’s my sexy new page:



I think you are really doing this subscription thing right.  I’m not interested in seeing strips “a day early”, but I am interested in the other cartoons, sidelights on how you make a living at this, and other issues that you bring up in the newsletter.

Life as a black man today is one of the issues that I feel is very hard for someone like me to truly understand. Today, when I started Black Eye for the White Guy, I noticed that you had a nice drawing of my striped shirt, and obviously had looked in my refrigerator, so I was kind of expecting some light tips on a complete fashion and lifestyle overhaul.  However, the whole sequence was seriously well done, and the last panel was painful for me to read.

If I’m on a jury, I will have this strip pasted in my heart and stand up when needed and not sit passively in tacit approval of this kind of situation.

Sorry if this sounds kind of fan-boyish and west coast – latte – liberal.  I just wanted you to know that you have a wide audience and I think you are doing a great job.  I read the Funny Times and you are always a highlight.



Your “Black Eye” strip made me wonder. What would all the uptight “sovereign citizen” types that are praising that Bundy guy in Nevada think if the “Black community” decided it also didn’t recognize the federal government, declared the urban centers to be sovereign territory, and invited all those who thought like them to come on down, with all their weapons, and defend themselves against the “rogue” federal agents?

Love all your work



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