Hey, Keith (Keef)!

Yeah. Hate to admit it. I am exactly that…53 years old and white.

But here’s the thing. I was never surprised that I can relate to your strip. What shocks me is that — as I can see now from viewing the KQED doc at your site, which I finally looked up online — you’re so young! I totally thought you were my age. Maybe a dude who grew up on R&B and was now totally cool still but at or nearing 50-something, somewhat settled in life.

It shocks me, not in a bad way. Just not what I was thinking from reading your strip. (Funny Times every month.) As I say, not a bad thing at all.

Hmmm. Has me wondering, though. Underneath it all, do you really have the soul of a 53-year-old white guy?

…just kidding!!!

As we all know, 53-year-old white guys don’t have souls.


B. (now even more of a fan)


Keith, ( re: Gang Sign strip)

            I noticed you have used the word ”DISCERN” in your subtle drawings……….That is a Biblical word reference and term!!!!! (you have used it OUT of content)………… I DARE YOU! God is NO respecter of person’s.Judge not,lest ye be judged.You are very disrespectful!!!!
You are ignorant to the facts,uneducated and misinformed and are relaying that stupidity to the SLC residents and community!!!!! Further more,you are a racist,bigot,who discriminates and suffers from a bias stigma.You more than likely suffer various forms of mental illness health issues that require prescribed medication and intervention from a medical professional.
Just to make you aware and provide you with the knowledge you lack…………according to statistics at jails and morgues nation wide and globally while employed with the police department.45% of all cultures, nationalities,ethnicities who make up the gang population are ”NOT” that of the African American/ Black race.CRIME HAS NO COLOR!!!!! CRIMINALS ARE COLORLESS!!!!
And yes ,I did take a closer look……..at you, your heart is evil, wicked and corrupt with hate,prejudice and discrimination!!!!!! Try throwing up the cross ….it’s the only way to save YOUR soul! It’s color is red for the blood of Jesus Currently you yourself are in a gang…….probably ugly, a mormon and gay with a extremely small penis !!!! And there is a space in hell being reserved for people like you.
Have you even been to the ghetto or around gangs at all?????
I have, my family and I are surviving violated victim’s of their crimes against us THEY WEREN’T MINORITIES EITHER!!!!!
Do yourself a favor……… Know the facts and educate yourself, get informed………by the way ;” Oakey Dokey” was invented by a Black boy!!!!!
It is February, Black History month do your research before you go making a fool of yourself…..your ignorance sure made me laugh though.
Good bless you and have mercy on you!
If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my Thuggers strip at Medium.com:
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