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Hi Keith K.,

Very nicely done, your comic of 6/18. All these points are seemingly so self-evident that they shouldn’t even have to be made, but you’ve done it very concisely and with good humor, as always.

I’ve attached a letter we wrote to our local Oakland Little League chapter a few years ago, asking them to retire the “Indians” team from the league. You’ll be happy to know it worked just great — maybe there’s hope for the rest of the country (or at least Cleveland, D.C., Kansas City, Chicago, Atlanta,…) as well.

Oh! Also, the Cleveland Indians are evidently soliciting fan input about Chief Wahoo and other logos: http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/10/23/the-indians-are-surveying-attitudes-about-chief-wahoo/ So they’re at least thinking about it. We can respond to them here: fanfeedback@indians.mlb.com

Keep up the great work!
J., Oakland


Hi Keith–

As a furloughed federal employee, I am beyond disgusted with what’s going on in the House, so naturally I loved your latest K Chronicles. I am also a Kansan, so I get NO help from my Congresspersons. Both of my Senators are conservative (one rational and one crazed), and Rep. Lynn Jenkins, is, ahem, well, not the brightest bulb in the string.

Thanks again for a GREAT distillation of the crap that is now going on in the US House.


Lawrence, Kansas

PS-I’m also a subscriber and really enjoy the weekly newsletter.


Just watched the video.It took me a second to realize that you weren’t the actor! As I was watching I kept thinking  “Keef oughta change his name to BEEF!”

Very funny.  I’m off to boom it! Incidentally, I will be doing a Kickstarter soon to launch my Weapon Brown graphic novel (I referenced your comic strip, BTW, see below). Do you have any promotional tips that a noobie might overlook?

Keep on Keefin’ on,
(cool! sent jason my kickstarter zine and he’s followed it to a tee! check out the kickstarter he’s got going for his graphic novel here.-kk)
(re: my first comedy video)
Hey man,I thought it would be funny when you described it …

But that was A LOT funnier than I imagined.


Any thing on TV you had to do with, I’d watch!  And now I know why you would move to LA (which was a complete mystery to me).


Re: Pitching to networks



Keef, dude, hombre, da man!



I wish you the best of luck on the sitcom. I would love to see such a thing — preferably on network TV because I can’t afford cable. Although if it were on cable it could be more, um, authentic, at least in terms of subjects and language.







Hi Keef:Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your comics. I’ve been a big fan for years. The comic that first caught my attention was about reaction to Kurt Cobain’s death which you likened to people on the East Coast assuming that an earthquake anywhere in California must naturally effect everyone that lives there the same way. If I remember correctly you ended that particular strip  with a depiction of an interview in which you said that your were more moved by Marlon Riggs’ recent death but that that segment ended on the cutting room floor.

Many years ago (I’m thinking around 1998/1999 you were kind enough to let me use some digital masters of your comics from an earlier book for a demo of a Digital Asset Management system that I created and that my company was showing at the Seybold Publishing Conference at Moscone Center. I’m still grateful for that, which is one reason why I’ll always chip in for your Kickstarters, etc.

At any rate, I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing your work for years to come.








Not really..But he did draw my Father O’Flannity and Choirboy Timmy characters for this super neat MAD fold-out poster that’s being hyped in Entertainment Weekly this week.



Think you can find the hot tub?  Good luck!





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