The 20th Anniversary Original Art Sale continues!!  Thanks to everyone who has scored a K Chronicles/(th)ink and/or Knight Life piece.

But wait!  There’s more!!

I’ve also got MAD Magazine pieces, misfires that never made it to print, poster and cover designs, etc. This week’s featured piece is one I did for the zine Rad Dad!  I don’t think it was ever used, and I can kinda see why:

But it’s a cool drawing and only sez “Rad Dad” if you hold it up to a mirror..HOW COOL IS THAT?!!


I’ll be recognized for my brilliance when I’m dead.


For sale, 81/2×11, black ink on bristol.  Email me at to put dibs on it!





I’m slated for my usual spot in Small Press this year, but due to the expanse of my family, I’m looking for some folks to cover the booth for me at different times throughout the con.  If you’re interested, hit me up at

I also somehow missed getting the Nappy Hour on the schedule, though I’m high on the waiting list.


Pretty psyched about the Kickstarter zine I put together.  Did it completely old school, all by hand, as part of my 20th year celebration.  As I was copying it at Kinko’ s(Fed Ex Office), I even ran into the usual type of photocopying nuts that I used to run into back in the day (I’m sure they said the same about me!)  Anyway, everyone who has ordered a copy, let me know how yer campaigns go, and how the zine helped.  Cheers!


Keith –

Congratulations on 20 years! Your cartoons are always thoughtful, witty, or poignant, and often all three. Even though our politics sometimes differ, I think we have the same goals (fairness, justice for all), and you’re a lot more evenhanded than most folks. K Chronicles and Knight Life are both in my top 20 daily reading list. I love the recent introduction of family life–and seriously, what other strip has a character like the Masked Maggot (TM)? :-)

In addition, your tribute to your great Uncle (Owenkk) was deeply touching. May his character forever shine through you and your son.

Here’s to 20 more years!

– M.


Segregated proms? On 2013? That’s some fucking weird shit.

Btw- nothing like retiring to the balcony to light up a spliff and read the big-ass “The K Chronicles”. Big fan! Congrats on your 20th anniversary with comics!

regards from buenos aires


I’ve loved seeing my life in your comics and the differences between our lives in your comics, over the years.  I’m a white woman, you’re a black man.  I moved to San Francisco in in 1991, married in 2005 and had a kid in 2007, who was known as pork chop, while in utero (I think he was born before your son, so we weren’t copying you).  You’re an artist, I’m a scientist.  We both spent a lot of time in shared apartments in SF.  We are both in financially perilous professions.  (Federal funding for research isn’t plummeting quite as fast as the readership of newspapers, but schools graduate more biologists than cartoonists.)  I have most of your books (will get the incredible cuteness soon!)  and read your comics on the web.


Thank you very, very much for continuing to put your strips out.  You are damned good at what you do and I truly appreciate your art and world view!




Hey Keef ,

I’m a long-time reader and big-time fan of The Knight Life.  But I
have to say that I felt ripped off by your Sunday comic today 5/19.
Pretty much the only reason I subscribe to the right-wing Boston
Herald, aside from the sports section, is to read your comic.  And I
expect 6 fun-filled panels from you every Sunday.

Imagine my disappointment this morning at only finding 5 panels!  And
what’s worse is that you didn’t even make one of the panels a
double-wide, you just kind of centered the bottom two  and left a
bunch of white space on the sides.

At first I thought the Herald had lost one of the panels and was
going to complain to them.  But then I realized that there were no
lines missing from the joke (dental floss – ha, ha) and this clearly
was a case of the artist trying to get away with shoddy workmanship!

This is not New York Mr. Knight , this is Boston.  As you know, w e
have a proud cartoonist tradition here and I am shocked, nay
outraged, that you would try to perpetrate such a heinous act upon
an unsuspecting populace .  Think of all the children you’ve
disappointed with your careless act!   Ahh, screw the children, what
about me and my feelings?!?!

In short Keef , you owe me a panel !

Or I’ll take a beer.  But a good beer, not like a Bud Light.

Thanx for listening,


 ( Ah!  My syndicate must’ve cut the panel where the Sheepshead bites 
Gunther’s privates  off..

It’ll be on the uncut DVD!-kk)


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