*For the first time in the history of the Alternative Press Expo, your  gentleman cartoonist will not be attending.  Why?  I thought I’d be moving my family right around this time, so I held off getting a table.

Now I’m absolutely kicking myself..not only do I have a new book to promote, APE is happening the same time as Litquake, San Francisco’s annual literary extravaganza that brings out hundreds of authors for dozens of events all week long!  I really blew it..

Please get by Steve Notley and Shannon Wheeler’s tables.  They’re my comrades in arms.

*The past two weeks have been LA crazy!  What with shooting a guest appearance on Derek Kirk Kim’s fine web-series Mythomania…taking a second Literary Death Match title at Largo at the Coronet..and co-hosting the grand opening of the John Varvatos shop in Bloomingdales (a fundraiser for 826LA) with fine musical guests Alberta Cross..I’ve sorta hit my stride here in la-la land.


What a night!  Your favorite gentleman cartoonist  (and now, two-time LDM champ!!) found himself locked in literary battle with multi-Emmy and Peabody award-winning writer/director/producer/genius Richard Kramer!!  Then in the final, I was shooting crumbled up photocopies of book-burnings into a mini- basketball hoop held up by the guy who plays Dexter!  And going up against a former adult film star! All the details can be had here.


It was ever so subtly dropped in this strip, that a 2nd heir is on the way.  That is the reason why we’ve been bouncing around from coast-to-coast, looking at cities to move to.  LA is barely affordable with one….


I need help, ‘specially with another little one on the way.  I’m looking for someone local, and someone virtual to assist me in various aspects of my operation.  Extremely low in pay, but high in gratitude and good karma!  Email me at



When I read your comic, I was reminded of someone else who is on the
Science and Technology committee:

Todd “Rape victims can’t get pregnant” Akin.

Do we have ANYONE on the Science and Technology committee who knows
… well, science or technology?

As David Letterman once said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are screwed!”

— C.


   I had  sent this out to a bunch of people, and it occurred to me to send it to you.  Our gov was so hot to speak in Tampa I think he would have rowed through Isaac to get there:
You might happen to hear a speech by Nevada’s governor Brian Sandoval at the GOP convention (if you can stand to watch the coverage).
Our first Hispanic governor is a scary Republican to watch out for in future.  This is a guy who is about as Hispanic as Sarah Palin.  Bri Bri has spent many months assuring residents of our fair state about how well things are going, but in his speech he will pull a Mitt and talk about how horrible things are in Nevada thanks to President Obama.  This man is EXTREMELY ambitious, and a lot of people who know him, plus pretty much anyone who didn’t vote for him, believe that he wants to be POTUS in a big bad way.  God knows he has the looks for it, and also the lack of scruples, based on the decimation of our public school funding.  So watch out for Bri Bri, because in the near future he might be the guy throwing you, women, veterans, students and the elderly under the proverbial bus on his quest to be top dog.  Of course, Bri Bri hasn’t figured out yet that his Grand Old Party isn’t going to let a Hispanic dude, even one with charisma, have the top slot.  His only saving grace is that he is not Jim Gibbons (apologies to primates).


Hi Keith,

V.here- I’m the producer of The Bumbys Performance Art Project- just wanted to say thanks for giving us that rad comic in your Sunday Knight’s Life strip– it really made our day- too cool! Funny enough, since it’s a visual/graphical medium, the mention didn’t come up in our usual Google alert thing we have setup, and it was actually one of our moms that was reading the Sunday Washington Post who alerted us to it.
Anyway, hope your week’s off to a rad start, and keep up the hilarious work,
– V., Gil Bumbyl, and Jill Bumby
Hey, Keef!

Just letting you know that I received the KickStarter swag (The Incredible Cuteness of Being, the bookmark, and the bumper sticker) – all killer. Thank you!
I also wanted to thank you for fulfilling my husband’s  request for a customized drawing to surprise me with on my birthday. I could not guess that his awkward and poorly rationalized attempts to take my picture would result in something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. And not just for the ambitiously stated sentiment (“Saving the planet one program at a time!!”), but for the fact it came from an artist whose drawings and humor rock me. You’re the best!
Eagerly awaiting the debut of I was a Teenage Michael Jackson Impersonator!
Your box of ‘Incredible Cuteness of Being’ will be held at an undisclosed location until the appropriate payment has been made. Upon inspection of the box, there were no boxes or other containers of See’s Dark Chocolate Peppermints to insure proper handling and storage.

It now is unclear as to whether the undisclosed location is indoors or outdoors, in the camel cage at the National Zoo, the shark tank at the Baltimore Aquarium, the bottom of a tank at the Blue Plain’s Sewage Treatment Center or Republican National Committee Headquarters.

It is in your best interest to be sure that any future boxes of books mailed to this location contains the appropriate See’s fee.

A Friend

Dear Keith Knight,

I have been meaning to write you for many years to tell you that I love your comics.  You reveal truth with a great sense of humor and I wish there were many more like you.
Thank you for your commentaries on everything from race issues to parenthood.   We’ve been subscribers to the Funny Times for at least 25 years and that’s where we get to see your comics.
Cheers, and keep it up!
Hi Keith – I am looking at your strip which ran in the SF Chron today…”.take away my vote when you ply it from my cold, dead hands”……Great strip!  Have you considered bringing it to the attention of the Democratic marketing machine……I am a 66 year old married woman, my son is 37, single, but we both “get it”!.  Keep up the good work.

Moment of clarity for the week:

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