It’s getting serious over at my Kickstarter Campaign!!  We’re over $10,000, but we’ve got to get the next ten over the next 5 days if this is gonna happen!  If you haven’t donated yet, please do, and you’ll have access to a terribly embarrassing pic of yours truly in MJ from high school!! Some choice reactions:

“It’s like a car accident.  I can’t help but stare.”

“That pic alone is worth the donation!”


I’ll be posting more embarrassing crap as the total rises.

The campaign is getting a lotta play all over the web:


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(i’m always amazed at how intelligent, charming  and witty all you readers are.. the series of emails below reinforces that fact!  i had to print it all cuz it got better and better!-kk)

Mr. Knight:Please accept my admiration for your wonderful comic, the K
Chronicles. I look forward to it every month, and feel that it is the
centerpiece of ‘The Funny Times’.

When I was in the army in the Seventies and Eighties, I had a group of
buddies — still do, come to think of it — and we had a rating system
for the important things, like music, sports and, ummmm….well,
nookie (to use your expression in the recent column).

And humour. The highest compliment was given to the material that
caused outright laughter and then intense discussion as to the merit
that it had or the point that it made. The supreme category was TSFS
— ‘Thigh Slapper and Forehead Smacker’.

Congratulations on being elected to this most prestigious level by
five middle aged army vets united in being . I believe that you’d find
it much more encouraging than ‘Smashing Dominator of the Entire Sports
Galaxy’ or ‘Smokin’ Hottie That Could Scrub The Chrome From A Trailer Hitch’.

Warm Regards,G. Crest Wood, KY

(after asking him if I could post his email, he replied:)
Yes, if you’d please correct my infelicitous spelling of ‘united’,
pretty, pretty, pretty please.And, I am hugely honoured. You are someone who provides the bookmarks
and definitions for American life.

Thanks again!

Warm Regards,

Nearly Lifelike

(and then I told him to stop writing such cool shit!-kk)
I’m not exaggerating, sir. Your function, your purpose is providing those
reference points that index current life in America. I have great admiration
for you.I’m fascinated to see America through the eyes of an intelligent, aware
articulate black man. I’m in my latter-day fifties, and can still remember
the ‘Colored Only’ signs at Indiana state parks. Even though I’m on the
cynical end of the teeter-totter (the kind that’s a Life Member of both the
American Legion AND the ACLU), I’m still a sucker and a sentimentalist in
that the finest thing about America (other than the Bill of Rights) is our
diversity. The fact that I’ve lived long enough to see the change from
anti-miscegenation laws to an extraordinarily accomplished black man as
president, that television shows staring homosexual men is no big deal, that
I was able to act as a reference for two dear friends — a lesbian couple —
during their adoption efforts — it’s fucking amazing.

Yes, we have a long way to go. The wacked-out Christian Fundys have been let
out of their closet, thanks to Reagan’s killing of the Fairness Doctrine
(and the only way you’d have been invited to the Ron & Nancy White House was
to mow a lawn or fry a chicken), allowing such hate-spewing cretins as
Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck free range. It was exacerbated by the loathsome
Gingrich’s GoPac Memo, and came to fruition with scumW’s hands dripping with
the blood of perhaps one million human beings, including our own people,
drowning in attics in New Orleans as the waters rose, and promised help
didn’t come.

But we all do our part. And yours is honorable and (I believe) effective.
The K Chronicles and  th(ink) DON’T ‘raise awareness’ (a truly repellant
phrase). They observe, and….accuse. What you do is important.

So — even though I’m your senior by a decade or so, you’ve earned to right
to call me ‘white boy’.

Warm Regards,

Sheep Thrill

(excellent!! letters like that keep me going!!-kk)
Hi Keith,
First off you are so good that it’s scary good. You rate with all the best. Me? I love Walt Kelly and Pogo and fer sure Calvin and Hobbes.
On to other stuff – I scored one of those “Life’s Little Victories” today. That concept you present is so attuned to awareness that I just love it. I’l  try to be brief here………….
Deciding not to prepare a dinner tonight I thought that I’d take a rare opportunity and splurge on some exotic take-out. I scanned my pamphlets in the scissor draw and and found a local Bangkok Cusine menu and drooled over the Garden Duck” and the crab “Silver Bags”. Counting my pennies I opted for a Papa Murphy’s gourmet large Garlic-Chicken take ‘n bake pizza. At the take out window they said thay made a mistake and made a family size and would I still buy it for the large size? I said, “Let me think for a minute. Uh…sure!” That and the saved coupon allowed me to rent a DVD (Hugo) with it for the complete night.
I hope that you still find your victories along the way. Thanks so much!
Sandpoint, Idaho
Dear Mr. Knight,
Being stuck in a presentation that you want to leave…then winning the door prize (Yes!  A copy of Life’s Little Victories!)
Thanks for brightening my days and for being political in a non-offensive way.
M., Eau Claire, WI.


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