If you’re new to my strip, you may not know that I was a Mikey J impersonator my senior in high school and my freshman year in college (1984-85).  It’s a funny, bizarre coming-of-age story that would make a great graphic novel.  So much so that I had a deal to do it a few years ago.  But the deal fell through and I’ve been mulling kickstarting it for the past year or so.

Not sure if folks have seen what’s been happening over at Kickstarter for the past 30 days..If you haven’t, take a look.

Basically, this dude wanted to reprint  his first book.  And people tossed a million dollars his way!! Jaw-dropping…I watch with a mix of envy and joy,  disbelief and “good on him” sentiment.  You can do this comix thing independently with the help of a few (thousand) friends.

It’s inspiring, and got me really hyped about funding I was a Teenaged Michael Jackson Impersonator through Kickstarter.

Yes, I know.  There’s gonna be a deluge of cartoonists throwing up  projects on Kickstarter. There already is! But I hope this’ll appeal to not only comic fans, but music fans, Mikey J fans, and those hopelessly caught up in that decade of high-hair, M-tv, and jheri-curls!

What do you think?  I’d like to hear feedback, like: What sort of schwag should I give away to donors?


If you don’t, here it is.

It’s David Choe’s world, we just live in it.


Much more  interesting and honest is Choe on Howard Stern.


-I’ll be doing an event with my fellow members of the Culver City Cartoonist Collective, Lonnie Millsap and Ken Tanaka.  Saturday, March 10th 6pm-9pm @ Meltdown Comics, 7522 West Sunset Boulevard  Los Angeles, CA 90046

-I’ll be in Artist’s Alley at Wondercon at the Anaheim Convention Center, Fri-Sun March 16-19th.

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