..and I couldn’t be happier.  Considering all the medical mishaps I’ve been experiencing (torn achilles, crushed thumb), it’s nice to have some good news for a change.

I’m not gonna say where, but I’m starting up tonite at 6pm EST. If you’ve read this blog, you might know already.  Let’s just say it’s the best comic strip line-up I’ve seen online.


Some folks expressed interest in Marginal Prophets CDs after I posted our recent reunion performance on the blog.  I have all 3 CDs, Twist the Nob, Dead Hippie Bootleg, and Bohemian Rap CD.  I’ll be postin’ them up in the store some time this week.

Oh–and to everyone telling me I look good in a kilt..it’s NOT  a kilt!  It’s a mini-skirt!


I have to say that your cartoons in the Reno News and Review are my favorite reason for picking up each week’s issue.  I save all of them in a file and send them around the US to friends and family.
My favorite is a toss up between the shoe throwing and the lame duck in Sasha’s bathtub.

Ms. S.A.



I got my copy of Chivalry this weekend, laughed out loud several times. Thank you. I loved the editorial comments on the strips, and which you were surprised got through the censors.
Curious, I recall reading that with a book purchase, I would be one of the lucky few to discover the name of “the Incredible Cuteness of Being”. Is my memory failing?

If you are ever in Cleveland, drinks are on me! – S.

(folks will find out the name of the incredible cuteness of being by purchasing a complete k chronicles collection.  i dedicated the book to the icob.-kk)


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