Tis come to the end of another year.  468 cartoons drawn.

Thanks to everyone who supported me throughout the year with their emails and letters,  thoughtful posts,  store orders, holiday gifts, and donations of support.

There were many peaks and valleys, due to the ever-diminishing returns of this thing we call the cartooning business.

The peaks:

*My work was selected to be added to the Library of Congress, joining E.Simms Campbell, Ollie Harrington, Charles Schulz, Winsor McCay, Lynn Johnston and more!

*Sharing the comedic stage with Paul Provenza, Rick Shapiro at the Actor’s Gang in Culver City

*Watching my 3-year old speak fluent German during our trip to Deutschland!

*My German University slideshow tour..It was hot, hot, HOT!!

*A soldier who approached me at the San Diego Comic-Con told me that his kid was born right around the same time as my kid was “born” in the Knight Life strip.  He said that the first-time parent storyline helped him and other new-parent soldiers helped deal with being away from their new family member for so long.  (Excellent!!)

*Witnessing a Borussia Dortmund Bundesliga soccer match

*The Wifey

*Sitting in on a script-read with the cast of the Simpsons

*Opening night of Fela! the Musical in L.A.


-Finally getting that T.V. deal I’ve been wanting

-Going on a slide show comedy tour


-the return of the Marginal Prophets (Fri. Jan. 13th @ Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco!!)

-Taking the family on a trip to some place w


I got the calendar and the print. Thanks!  The print is off to be framed for my wall. The strip beautifully summarizes a lot of the thoughts running through my head as my daughter prepares to go off to college next year.
One of the calendars has already been given and appreciated by a friend.

Anyway, thanks for your work. It makes me laugh and think (mainly about what I should be laughing more about).
K. from Texas



Mr. Knight,
If you didn’t have low class, Mr. Knight,  you wouldn’t have any class at all. Why are liberals so crude and rude?
San Rafael, CA


I have written before, (you were awesome enough to sign the books I bought!) and just wanted to say THANK YOU!

I really enjoy the humor and artwork you put out there! Hands down my favorite artist.

Wishing you & your family a great holiday season (Because it the PC thing to say!)

Hoping I get my wish – “Chivalry Ain’t Dead” – on the 25th, if not, I’ll be ordering it myself!



I would like to suggest that Keith Knight (rather, his K Chronicles/ThInk) be added to the Comics. He’s one of the funniest and most societally incisive cartoonists out there.

(The above was posted at the Daily Kos website (and I swear! I had nothing to do with it!!)..Please go there and (politely) encourage them to add my work to the site!!  Here’s the link. -kk)



My son has taken an interest in your work.  He put this together before bed tonight.   See attached.  Try to read the captions.

"the Marginal Prophets" by Kai Lodge


Is there anything you’re looking forward to in the new year? (Besides the end of the world)


Absolutely Fabulous had their 20th anniversary special this weekend.  Here’s some of my favorite Ab/Fab sequences:

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