Hey kids–I’m back from overseas only slightly damaged.  I want to thank everybody who came out to the events in Germany..and everybody waiting patiently for their orders to be filled this month!

Speaking of orders:

hi i want to order your artwork for 100 dollars i saw the ad on your web site please. i want a draw of me and my family riding a rollercoaster becasue that what we do on vacation only in the drawing i want the rollercoaster to be special like our own one that has our faces painted on the side like we have a personal rollercoaster and in the drawing we are all happy except for my grandmother because she is scared of rollercoastes! LOL poor grandmother LOL. in the background we are being chased by my wife’s family and they have a rollercoaster too but its not as fast as ours but we’re all going through nyc before 9-11 because we went on vacation there and it was the best vacation we had and so the twin towers should be tall and proud and the statue of liberty is there giving a wink at us but not at my wifes family and it should be day time with the sun and clouds. i can mail you photos of my familys so you know who to draw but theres one guy in the photos you shouldn’t draw because my sister divorced him but you should draw my grandfather even though he passed away because i want us all to remember him.

(name withheld)
This is an example of a Holladay Kommission that’s a little too much.  I appreciate the enthusiasm of the order but I had to ask them to tone it down a little.  Sadly, they never wrote back.
Anyway..the question of the week is regarding Thanksgiving.
Where was the most interesting/strange/never thought I’d be here  place you’ve spent Thanksgiving?
I remember I spent a Thanksgiving  in Amsterdam.  It was my first time there, and after an afternoon in the infamous “cafes”, I decided to take in a movie.  The Lion King had just premiered out there and, just before I went in to watch the film, I noticed they served hard liquor in the movie theater!  So imagine your humble narrator, stoned out of his gourd, with a vodka and orange juice in hand, surrounded by dozens of dutch children.  Ahhh  memories!
So–what say you?  Let me hear your weird Thanksgiving locales!  Happy Turkey Day you overeating  fools!!
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