It’s that time of year again.  Time for the annual Holla-Day Keef Kommssions!  This is your chance to get an original commissioned drawing of anything by your favorite gentleman cartoonist, for the low-low price of $100!!

Drawings are produced on 9×12 bristol board, with archival black ink, suitable for framing.  It makes a perfect holiday gift for that special someone (yourself!), so contact the artist (me) at and shake him down for some art!

I’ll draw anything!  Wolverine in a diaper!!  The local Occupy protest!!  Your Aunt Sophie! Try me!!

(Please note that the drawings are for non-commercial use.  You can post it as your avatar, but you can’t use it as your band’s album cover..sorry!)

Order sooner than later cuz I can only do so many…Cheers!

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