Whoa..Egads!!  That was one crazy month. Let me see if I can break it down for you:

*SPX IN BETHESDA, Maryland TOP 5 (in no particlar order):

1. Taking in the new MLK monument with former L.A. bud/new D.C. resident Erick!

2.Scoring some decent fried clams (though there were consequences)

3.Buying the Complete K Chronicles from the CBLDF for cheap and re-selling them for full price (I bought them for TWICE the price they were asking, so don’t give me crap!)

4.Chillin’ at SPX big cheez Warren Bernard’s pad (largest private collection of editorial cartoon/comic strip/and sports toons  I’ve ever seen!!

5.Meeting Roz Chast/Hanging with Jim Woodring!!


1.(2) Lobster Rolls from the Red Hook Lobster Pound booth at the Brooklyn Flea

2.A blow-out of an opening party with open-bar and waaay too much food!!

3.The  young grade -schooler  on the debate team(?!!) who preferred my heavy political (th)ink stuff. Only in New York!!

4.Visiting the offices of MAD

5.Mo Willems selling  me on Northhampton Mass!

*APE in San Francisco Top 5

1.The Culver City Cartoonist Collective making it in Publisher’s Weekly!

2.Seeing my work hang next to Bill Watterson’s in the Cartoon Art Museum’s permanent exhibit.

3.Chicken John’s mad block-long  blowout of a book release party at 111 Minna!!

4.Brisket with the BOOM! folks at Tommy’s Joynt!!

5. Watching my wife, dentist and dental assistant hold my son down whilst singing Sade’s “Sweetest Taboo” and “Smooth Operator”

Thanks to everybody who came out to the events, picked up books, and just said hello!

Oh!! And don’t forget my Bay Area 2nd coming:


Join me as I double Walnut Creek’s black population with a slideshow of my favorite political cartoons.  I’ll have books, prints, art and the NEW 2012 LITTLE VICS/MEGA-MIX monthly calendar with me, so COME ON OUT!! IT’S FREE!!

Location: 1644 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek


This morning at about 5:20am and then again just now at about 8:00pm (my wife made her “famous” meatloaf for supper) I came out of my bathroom with a smile on my face because of you Keith. Yes, I’m talking about your book THE COMPLETE K CHRONICLES that is this month’s reading in my bathroom. I’m on page 289 and your strip just cracks me up. (I’m a 55 year old white male that discovered you though The Funny Times, IF that interests you)

Anyway, thanks for the smiles. Nobody has enough of that stuff. Keep up the good work.

You are a funny guy.

a fan


Friday after work I went to Wal-mart’s pharmacy & no one was in line.  At
first I thought something was wrong (like they ran out of meds or something)
but I was called right to the counter.  Not only was my Rx ready but the
tech found it on the first try.

As she was ringing me up I said “this is either one of  Life’s Little
Victories or the world is coming to an end.”

She looked up from the register & without taking a breath says, “you better
email Keef tonight just in case the world does end.”

BTW I’m black, 42 she’s white & someone’s grandma.  (Not bad for NC aye??)

Love your strips!


Dear Mr. Knight,

(re: GOP debates)

I ordinarily enjoy your (Th)ink cartoon very much.  This one has left me cold on many levels, though.  First of all, I don’t find it funny, ironic, or particularly satirical… the hallmarks of a good editorial cartoon.  Second, I don’t find any cartoon advocating physical violence to real people very useful… or funny (but I restate the obvious).  I agreed with President Obama after Gabby Giffords’ shooting that we all need to tone down the rhetoric.  I had hoped that he meant forever, but it is increasingly obvious that he meant only for a few weeks.



Sylvia Robinson passed away last week.  If you don’t know who she was, she created the Sugarhill Record label and put out the first rap record to go mainstream (Rapper’s Delight).

But it was another rap group she signed that truly was the real deal.  In fact, they were the first rap group to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:


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