*Tom Gammill sent over the cover of the Harvard Lampoon he did all those years ago.  I reference it in the strip I did about the Simpson’s reading.

Excellent!  I especially love the dog!


Greetings Mr Keef.

I’m in on the $100 sponsorship & just paid via Paypal.  I’d love to get the newest th(ink) book you’ve got coming out.  Don’t know which prints I’d like signed yet – have to think about it and get back to you.  Deadline on that?

I enjoy all your work and really admire your . . .well.  Actually, I’m not sure what exactly I admire and my brain’s too pasty right now to think it through.  But I admire it like all get out.  Thanks for the laughs over the past decade or so.  If you’re ever in Portland and want to stay in Suburbia with our two-parent four-kid whitebread family and have my oldest wanna-be-a-political-comics-artist son bludgeon you with hospitality, by all means look us up.  Have Kerstin check your meds first, but, by all means, look us up.


(If you’d like to join M. and donate to make my mercury rise, go here.-kk)

Hi Keef,

I just read your “it ain’t that different” comic in my City Weekly in slc, ut. That’s a weird one. I mean I guess it’s all the same but it’s dark this time.

You cool, man?  I said that cause it’s funny. And the Subject of this email was an autocorrect. It should read “Keef”, but kerf is funnier.

But really, everything ok?

iPhone over and out.

(i’m okay b!! -kk)

Sigh. Yet another one of the “Lost Tribe of People Who Don’t Have Cell
Phones” has been hunted to extinction. I know how the Buffalo felt. Every
day I turn around and I swear the cell phone kiosks in the mall creep closer
to me.

(actually, I suspect you already had a cell phone, but it is weird to be one
of the few people in Canada or the USA not to have a cell phone, and I was
tickled to see this cartoon)

Love the work…when I get back to work…soon, dammit, I hope…will have
to buy some books.


I’m going to be honest, I hated your comic up until this point. Not that you care, but I thought I’d let you know that this weeks comic changed that. I look forward to your next one.


I need to know if prophets are true or not. If so, I feel so lost that I can
not take a decision in my life. Also, my brother has a bg problem. Can a
prophet tell me what would God tell me? I am really depressed as well as my
brother is.
I need a prophetic help. I am fed up with running after false things.
I am a true Christian lady who believes in the power of prayers.
Thank you a lot!

(should I send this lady a marginal prophets “dead hippie bootleg” cd?-kk)

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