I’ve been doing a whole bunch of interviews lately. Partly for the new book and partly just good timing!

Interview #1 is in, of course, Danish. I’m huge there, I tell ya, HUGE!!

Interview #2 is the first for a new podcast by Tom (Tall Tale Radio) Racine, called Geek Papas. I’m honored to be the first. Thanks Tom!

Interview #3 is with Arturo Garcia from Racialicious.com. (I probably shouldn’t have done this interview while working on an original art piece under a time limit):

The first to guess the right amount of times I say “ya know” wins a prize!

Interview #4 is with Tom Spurgeon, the Comics Reporter!

What all these interviewers had in common is they asked really good questions.  Not the sort of questions that you get from a general newspaper piece.  Cool!

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