My Evil Twin Sister told me to update my blog…..

MY TOP-TEN SAN DIEGO MOMENTS (in no particular order):

1. Steven Spielberg receiving an Inkpot Award a year after I did!!

2. Sitting on the MAD panel with the usual gang of idiots!!

3. Being on the Black Panel and paying homage to Dwayne McDuffie (Thanks, Michael D.!)

4.Stephen Notley at the porno party in the Embassy Hotel

5.Standing room only at the Nappy Hour with Michael Davis, Pam Noles and David Walker (thanks for another great panel!)

6.Absinthe at La Gran Tapa

7.The Culver City Cartoonist Collective meets the Cartoonists with Attitude at Sevilla!

8. Fellow CWAer Shannon “Crybaby” Wheeler winning an Eisner !

9.Tom Morello at Tr!ckster

10.The joy and convenience that is the Square!!

It was another fabulous San Diego Comic Con!  Thanks to everyone who came out and picked up the new (th)ink collection.  The mystery of page 31 will be addressed in this very blog soon.


SPX in Bethesda MD- 9/10-11

BROOKLYN BOOK FAIR-9/18: I’ll be doing a slideshow presentation!!

APE in San Francisco-10/1-2

I’ve just been loving Louis CK’s show on FX.  He’s doing EXACTLY what I want to do…’cept I would do animated in betweens instead of standup…

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