*Looking forward to my slideshow event this Sunday at Revolution Books on Hollywood Blvd.  I first visited the shop when my bud Eric Drooker came to town for an event celebrate his work on the film about Allen Ginsburg’s Howl.

I did an interview on KPFK’s Michael Slate show this morning, despite being up til 3am working on deadlines. Thankfully, Mr. Slate made it real easy for me cuz he was extremely familiar with my work.  We talked censorship, Katrina, politics and more.  You can check out the show here..and listen to the interview before I go on–it’s effing harrowing!!

Anyhoo..The event starts at 3pm on Sunday, the exact time that J.J. Abrams does a free event at the Hammer Museum across town…which one are you going to?

the details:   Keef (th)ink book release/slideshow

Sunday, June 12, 2011  3pm

@Revolution Books

5726 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 463-3500


Vote for my good pal Shannon Wheeler’s I Thought You Would Be Funnier collection of (mostly) rejected New Yorker cartoons.  If you’re in the “industry”, you can vote online here.


Hey Keith!!

Man, I can’t tell you how awesome it was to hear my favorite cartoonist on my favorite radio station!!! I can only imagine the look on my co-workers faces as I completely stopped working and just about had a geekgasm right here at my desk! =P It was amazing to hear you tackle questions from a true fan, and fellow political progressive. I only wish that Michael could’ve had you on for the full hour! =)

Ever since I heard that you were moving down here from the bay I’ve been hoping that you and KPFK would cross paths, so that your respective audiences could find each other. I’ve been hoping that you might be able to afford to donate some books to their fund drives as well. It just seemed like a great way to raise awareness of your ever-inspiring work to the KPFK audience. If you do want to do this, let me know. I’d love to make a big (or at least, as big as I can manage at the time) donation to you to support that. It would truly warm my heart to support both of my favorite progressive sources or both laughter and education in one action.

Keep up the great work, Sir!! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to catch you at Revolution books this weekend, but I hope to see you again soon….especially since I can’t afford to make it to Comic-Con this year.

Have a Great Weekend!!



Thank you very much for your unique “in memoriam” of Gil Scott-Heron, which I was surprised and grateful to see, and read, in the San Francisco Chronicle.
D., Daly City


Last week you had a wonderful strip where you debated your wife and compared babies to
immigrants who don’t know the language. I found that hilarious and a great way to look at
the issue–thanks.

I used the idea and did some research to find out that babies under 1 year old are 5% of
the population and “drain” almost $200M a year out of the local economy. And then I
posted such on my blog.

Some people did not get it.

Hope you are well and enjoying fatherhood!

J. from San Rafael, CA

(here’s the blog post)


Hi Mr. Knight,

The “(Th)ink” cartoon that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle “96 Hours” supplement this past Thurday (5/26/11) was great!

As a program manager and 27 year veteran of a health care program in Stockton (California), I couldn’t help being drawn to your amusing picture of the nursing mom. Loved those street signs, too!  I’m wondering if you realize how appropriate your message was!  Not only does breastfeeding save tons of dollars, but studies have shown that breastfed babies have higher IQs… thus, going to college is more likely for breastfed babies, dollars saved or not!

In case you’re not familiar with WIC, it’s the federal supplemental food program for low-income women, infants, and children. There are over 80 agencies in California, and it’s a national program that came about in the mid-1970s and has expanded to all 50 states (as well as territories, military bases abroad,etc.)… In addition to providing vouchers for healthy foods (like fresh produce, lowfat dairy products, and whole grains), we are mandated to conduct nutrition education and promote breastfeeding.

I was inspsired by your cartoon and wonder if you think there’s a chance in the world that other cartoonists might consider a “theme day” in August when “World Breastfeeding Month” (WBM) is celebrated…. Wouldn’t it be incredibly fabulous if every cartoonist created a strip about breastfeeding for one day during that month?  (The first week is the biggie with lots of festivities going on worldwide.)  If you think that this could happen, let me know and I could send you more information about WBM, and maybe you could help such an amazing feat be accomplished!  I know it’s kind of crazy, but … you are a creative person, so I thought you might have some thoughts on this.

Meanwhile, thanks so much for the positive attention to breastfeeding!


J. in Stockton, CA

(i think it’d be a GREAT idea to get a ton of cartoonists to do stuff about breastfeeding in august..whaddaya think?-kk)


Dear Mr. Knight,
It was a pleasure, as always, to see you at WonderCon this year.  Still not sure how much of an
impression was made on my son Joseph – although I did point out to him, as you were drawing
in our copy, that this was the actual man who had drawn all the cartoons in the book.

One curious note – his older brother Dinzel (the one who is now 5’10” and 190 pounds) was somewhat
distressed that I’d gotten his brother a copy of “Chivalry Ain’t Dead”.  When pressed, he finally admitted
that he thought  your cartoons were fine for mature, wordly fouteen-year-olds like himself, but perhaps
a bit on the inappropriate side for innocent young ten-year-olds like Joseph.

I managed not to laugh out loud, as I know he finds that off-putting.  Eventually managed to assure him
that these were Mr. Knight’s family-friendly, newspaper strips. He was mollified by this.

Sincerely yours,



Marginal Prophet Chernobyl Def G recently pointed out that this Kia commercial from a year ago may be the coolest ad of all time. I concur.  (the song is one of my favorite hip-hop songs ever!!)

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