Don’t know how many sports fans are reading my strips, but this past weekend was one of the finest in years for the Boston sports fan.

A coupla Red Sox wins.  A Yankee loss.  Bruins swept the Flyers outta the NHL playoffs.  The Lakers got swept outta the NBA playoffs.  And Rajon Rondo and the Boston Celtics are making a series of it with the Heat.

There was a special joy in watching the Lakers debacle, seein’ as I’m a Bostonian in Los Angeles.



The difference between the two is Rondo came back after medics popped his elbow back in and finished with a Celts win!  Bynum got tossed, booed and ridiculed.  Lakers lost by about 32.


March 24, 2011

Mr. Keith E. Knight, Esq.

Cartoon Stripper


Today a package arrived in our humble apartment in San Francisco. I’m sure
you remember the town. It completely passed me by who the package was from
and I paid it no regard. It was addressed to the wife and we have an
agreement that we do not open each other’s mail.

When she arrived home she saw the package and said, “Look at the
handwriting!” The enthusiasm surprised me, and despite my familiarity with
your work – having followed since before you had dreads – it took me a
moment to recognize the familiar swirl of the lowercase “e’s” – two of which
are present in our last name. But once I did, I had to smile. We own a few
of your books, but I had been unaware that the wife had ordered more – and a
calendar to boot. Very cool. Only the day previous I myself had received a
package from Shaenon Garrity. We are huge supporters of web-comics and comic
strip artists in general.

Alas, my smile turned to horror as I heard my wife give out a shriek.
Understand, I love my wife, but if she shrieks I need to check the glassware
in our house for cracks. It’s high-pitched, and it’s quite loud. It has a
tone that makes things vibrate. And when she noticed that you had signed one
of the books, complete with a “crack of keef” drawing, she shrieked quite

Are you familiar with old Bill Cosby routines? In one of his famous early
comedy routines there is a line that takes about 6 minutes to build up in
context, from the comedy routine that introduced the world to Fat Albert. I
shall paraphrase with an emphasis on the situation I have described above. I
forgot I was behind her.

You see, she bought two books and a calendar. You signed each one of them,
and included a postcard inviting her to stop by when you’re in town for
Wondercon and your show at the Purple Onion. And she discovered each of
these things in short intervals, and each time I was within range of the
shriek. At the third one my teeth began to rattle.

You see, I had a new crown implanted just two weeks ago. And that “tooth”
vibrated. It was an unpleasant sensation to say the least. To say the most,
I need to see my dentist again to assess the damage. I’m not sure why, but
everything tastes like metal now.

So damn you Keef. Because you were so thoughtful and nice to my wife I need
dental work. Because of fits of laughter from my wife upon reading and
re-reading your collections of humor and the calendar I have had to sleep on
the couch because the bedroom, where she is reading right now as I type
this, is to damned loud from laughter. Damn you for being this good at what
you do. Damn you for being funny in multiple comic strips in multiple
formats. Damn you for respecting your fans. Damn you for putting in that
extra effort that makes you stand out, like your predecessors and influences
before you. Damn you for being one of those pieces of gold we discovered
when we first came to San Francisco all those years ago.

Once I’ve been to the dentist and know what this is going to cost me, you
will be receiving my bill. I know when you’re going to be in town.

With warmest regards,


Gentleman Musician

San Francisco

P.S. The wife reminds me that we have insurance and to not be a dick. Point
conceded. Instead, I’ll pick up the one book of yours we haven’t bought yet
– and do it at Wondercon. She’ll want you to sign it. Then you can
experience the shriek yourself. You have been warned. – C

Dear Mr. Knight,
It was a pleasure, as always, to see you at WonderCon this year.  Still not sure how much of an impression was made on my son Joseph – although I did point out to him, as you were drawing in our copy, that this was the actual man who had drawn all the cartoons in the book.

One curious note – his older brother Dinzel (the one who is now 5’10” and 190 pounds) was somewhat distressed that I’d gotten his brother a copy of “Chivalry Ain’t Dead”.  When pressed, he finally admitted that he thought  your cartoons were fine for mature, wordly fouteen-year-olds like himself, but perhaps a bit on the inappropriate side for innocent young ten-year-olds like Joseph.

I managed not to laugh out loud, as I know he finds that off-putting.  Eventually managed to assure him that these were Mr. Knight’s family-friendly, newspaper strips.  He was mollified by this.

Sincerely yours,


Hello Keith!

I’m a regular reader of your comic strip, The Knight Life. I was looking for an email address and I stumbled upon this one. I’m just writing to let you know that my favorite comic strips are the ones called “Life’s Little Victories.” They definitely make me appreciate life a lot more. Most of your comic strips make me laugh like crazy. I think your art work is awesome!

Thanks for making me laugh.


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