It’s here!  It’s finally here!!  The 3rd collection of my single panel socio-political strip arrived belatedly, forcing me to apologize to the many who rolled up to my table at Wondercon, demanding a copy.  It’s now yours for the taking in the K Chronicles store, including the special Artist’s Edition!!


Wondercon was quite spectacular, despite not having the new book in time.  It felt like San Diego on Saturday.  And continued being busy right through Sunday–Hopefully a sign of things to come.

The parties were quite spanky as well.  Last Gasp had an art opening /party at one of my old haunts, 111 Minna St. , on Friday eve. Three Doggie Diner heads greeted me at the door as I entered and found myself smack dab in the middle of SF Under ground art royalty!  I caught up with the likes of Charles Gatewood and Winston Smith..Paul Mavrides and Mats!?! Jon Longhi and Ron Turner..It was nice to catch up with everyone in one place.

Saturday night belonged to the Cartoon Art Museum..Where they had a fundraising party that featured Bloom County cartoonist Berkeley Breathed, in town to celebrate the release of his complete Bloom County collection, and to hobnob with folks checking out his cartoon art exhibit From Bloom County to Mars: the Imagination of Berkeley Breathed.

This was one of the best parties the C.A.M. has put on in years!  The exhibits were great, the food and drink was abundant and tasty, and Mr. Breathed had some juicy stuff to say about the horrific movie adaptation of his children’s book, Mars Needs Moms.

MAD genius Sergio Aragones was also in the house..Breathed and Sergio had never met, so it was cool to hang around for that.

Overall, a great weekend of parties…

Until Sunday evening.


As many of you may have read, I scheduled a slideshow performance at the legendary underground comedy space, the Purple Onion, for Sunday, April 4th at 7:30pm.

I rolled up to the venue around 6:30pm to find the place shuttered and locked.  I went next door to the restaurant owned by the same guy who owns the Purple Onion.

“Hey–Could you open up the Purple Onion?  We’re gonna be doing a show in about an hour…”

“There’s no show tonite..”

With those chilling words, it went all downhill from there.  I showed the owner the fliers I created for the event and that it had been booked weeks ago by Mike Capozzola, fellow cartoonist and co0median sharing the bill.

“No..That was last night..”

Suffice it to say, the Purple Onion didn’t happen.  I rounded up whoever showed up there relatively on time (including underground SF Filth purveyor Seth Maxwell Malice) and took them over to Specs (aka Adler’s Museum), bought them drinks, and had a very intimate night of comics and storytelling (I even explained what REALLY happened with them lovely folks at Salon.com!).

Profuse apologies to folks who did show up and didn’t see the note that said we were just up the street.  Especially dear friends Jen and Kovak.  I owe  SF another show..

Special thanks to City Lights Bookstore..they were willing to offer us their poetry room upstairs, but didn’t have a projector for my slide show.  I might bring my projector up and do it there next time.


I returned to SF the next week for an event I hadn’t done in a few years, the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair.  It was nice to be back in the mix.  I caught up with V.Vale, the Rad Dad, NY role model and Peops purveyor Fly, and SF legend Diamond Dave Whitaker.

Saturday night, I read my comix at the 10th anniversary party of Writers with Drinks. Charlie Anders has managed to get all these amazing writers/poets/performers to be filler in between all her amazing all over the place introductions.

I read four pieces from I Left My Arse in SanFrancisco, with no visuals, and rocked the house!

I should’ve brought more books with me.

Anyhoo…Writers with Drinks rocked.  Check it out next month.  Excellent.

Sunday at the Book Fair was fairly mellow–but I had these amazing super hippie vegan apple turnovers that were to die for!

Overall–the trips to SF were good, despite the various krappe that happened.

I will say this: It was the first time I felt like SF was in my rearview window (*GASP*)!!

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