Before the usual insipid post, I’d like to send positive vibes to my Japanese brothers and sisters–I hope many miracles transpire over the next few days, cuz that earthquake/tsunami footage looked like 9/11, Katrina, and a big monster movie  rolled into one. May the Force be with you.

*The next big thing I’ll be doing is San Francisco’s Wondercon, starting April Fools day (Fri-Sun Apr 1-3).  I’ll have the whole family in tow, and I hope to have my brand new (th)ink collection 2 Small 2 Fail.

There’s been a bit of lag time between (th)ink books, so I was able to cull the very best over a few years, and leave some (not all!) of the crap out!!

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*TYLER THE CREATOR is the leader of a band of rogue L.A. rappers, big-makers and all around taste makers ODD FUTURE.  Tyler runs Los Angeles right now, and will soon rule the world.  He just turned 20 years old.

*KAMALA HARRIS is California’s new attorney general..and I predict she will be the first female president 0f these United States.  I met her a coupla weeks back at Dwayne McDuffie’s impromptu memorial at Golden Apple comics.  We talked politics (especially her come from behind win last November and the weird commercial her opponent thought would win over voters) and comics.  She was charming, sincere and generous with her time.  She’s got everything going for her that Obama has plus one better: she’s a woman!!  She’s going from attorney general, to California governor, to the presidency–you heard it here first (mebbe second, or 49th!)!!

Keep in mind she won by LESS THAN 1% !! So if you ever thought yer vote didn’t mean anything…

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