*THE SILENCE WAS DEAFENING  in readers response to the latest K Chronicles where the Incredible Cuteness of Being meets a girl in a purple wheelchair.

For a brief moment, I panicked, thinking I may have been the only one who thought it was worth comic-stripping.  But the comment by ” Tom” broke the ice.   And now they’re coming in from all over.


“Keith, I lOVE this one! Don’t know if you were aware my oldest (15) has cerebral palsy and uses a w/c. Toddlers are great at asking the obvious, even if they don’t say a word! Give him a squeeze for me : )”

J. from Massachusetts

I read “The Complete K Chronicles” this past week.  I’ve always liked your
work, but seeing so many years of it, altogether, I had a whole new
appreciation for it.  I realized for the first time how well you use
seemingly casual details in each panel to build toward your punchline.  You
have a marvelously deft way of bringing together the personal and the
political.  I think this book should be in the Smithsonian as a snapshot of
American life.
P.S. You and I spoke briefly when you came to University of Puget Sound,
here in Tacoma, Washington, about two years ago.  I thought you gave a nice
presentation to the students here.
-P. in Washington

Dear Mr. Knight:

I enjoyed your tattoo/circumcision comic on Saturday, January 29, 2011.
Were you inspired by the circumcision ballot initiative that is circulating
in San Francisco?  I’m one of the organizers of the ballot initiative, and
I’m a big fan of your comic.  I was tickled pink to see this on Saturday.
And I love the “mom” tattoo on the child’s back.  Hysterical!

Thank you.  Keep up the excellent work!

R. in San Francisco


I send a Quote of the Day out to about 150 folks or so, and growing, every work day. Its not just a quote off the list–its based on my inspiration for the day, whatever that is.

I wanted to share with you because I thought you might appreciate it  that “I think we all would be better off it we approached life like a Zamboni-slow, steady, humming along with the ability to smooth life’s rough patches” is going to be one of QOTD’s this week.


J. in Maryland


Miss February!

Reading this month’s Playboy…the Feb. centerfold is a gorgeous woman from CA, “the goddess-like marvel of an African-American father and a mother of German descent.”

Thought you might get a kick outta that, Keef!


(I really enjoy the diversity of my readership!!:)-kk)


Yes, the Black Eyed Peas were terrible (this blogger nails the BEP problem right on the head), but I don’t blame them.  I blame the NFL for booking them.

The NFL shoulda booked some country acts, bein’ it was Dallas and all. NFL, HEAR ME OUT: Do hip-hop again  for the Super Bowl(perhaps  in New York and  Giants stadium in 2014).  Book Jay Z, who’ll be guaranteed to bring Beyonce and/or Kanye West, toss in some old school with the Beastie Boys, and have it all performed live with the Roots (from Philly) as the back-up band.

I dare anyone to disagree with me.

(note: Well wishes to Beastie Boy MCA, who is battling cancer)

And let us all enjoy the finest halftime show of recent memory with Prince (“Get off the stage Kim Kardashian”) Rogers Nelson.

Oh–And here’s how you join Stevie Wonder onstage to do one of his songs.  You DON’T SING!!


And if you’ve never seen the comic, there oughta be a law….


I forgot to mention that I love documentaries..and there’s a couple out there you should seriously check out:

The Tillman Story: 40 years from now, if someone were to ask what the Bush years were like, I’d show em this film.


Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work– horrifying, hilarious, life affirming.

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