Wow..Talk about a busy month.  January was the type of month I’d like to have consistently.  A college gig here, some freelance work there..

And on top of that, I scored this primetime comedy gig doing a part of my slideshow at the Axis Mundi event at the Actor’s Gang.  The show is produced by kick-a@# photographer Dan Dion and big-time comedian Paul Provenza.

The show’s theme was “White Guilt Night”, to celebrate the kickoff of Black History Month. The night started off with a brief history of the black man in America, performed by Billy the Mime.

Now, I know what you’re thinking–a mime?  But believe me, this dude kicks ass.  He had the sold-out audience captivated as he went through the African slave trade, the Civil War, Jim Crow, the Civil Rights struggle, O.J., Rodney King, Michael Jackson , right up to the election of Barack Obama.  It was amazing.

‘Course,  I couldn’t help but be reminded of my pieces Black Mime and an early video piece I did called Mime Hunting for my cable access comedy Bruno MacPush.

I did a series of strips involving Mime Hunting for the Knight Life, too.  Here they are.

Billy the Mime was followed by fellow SF ex-pat Mark Silverman, singing about huge black penises.

Provenza followed with a series of slides, videos and the like and asked “Racist or not racist?”  Some of the images were stuff like this.

I went next, pulling out some of my favorite race-based strips.  Plus, a few of my more controversial ones.  Despite a glitch or two at the beginning of the set, it went well.  I got some good laughs.  And sold a bunch of books and prints after the show.

The real nice thing about the night is people I knew actually came out to the show.  LA is so big and vast, you never know if one or two folks will show–but I had at least 15-20 people show up, including an old roommate, a fellow cartoonist, a famous slam poet and a colleague form 826LA.

*sniff* I felt a sense of community!!

Anyhoo..I hope to do more shows in the near future.  Keep an eye out here for any announcements!!


I did one of my world famous slideshows at the University of South Florida (which really isn’t in south Florida) last week.  On the same day as the one and only John Waters was doing a FREE show in the building next door!!

He was doing it later, though…so know scheduling conflict..I wouldn’t want to take any of his crowd away :)

Visiting the campus was really cool ..and I HAVE to say this..the African American Studies department had the finest dressed faculty I have ever seen in my fifteen years of doing gigs.  Bravo!

But really–if we don’t end up living in one of the cities I’ve been harpin’ about over the past year, I’d want to move to a college town.  I attended a Big East college basketball game–and it was just like an NBA game, ‘cept waaay less expensive!! Go Bulls!

And like I said, John Waters for free to anyone who got there early enough.  Waters is doing the same gig here in LA at UCLA’s Royce Hall, but it sure ain’t free.

Anyhoo…My gig was standing room only (thanks to the free food!).  Some good questions  asked–and I think the students enjoyed it!

Special thanks to uber-reader Larry for turning the school onto my work.  And also to him and his wife for lunch and  inviting me to a nudist resort.


As I past the University of South Florida’s college radio station (WUSF), I couldn’t help feeling sad for the demise of KUSF, the University of San Francisco’s radio station that recently had their signal sold by the school for $3.7 million.

That may seem like a lot, but it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to having an FM broadcast signal forever.  That money will be used up in a year to make up for some budget shortfall, and the school will eventually see that they effed up real bad.

Anyhoo..the recent comic I did about the station really made the rounds. It was nice to be back in San Francisco again–sorta.  I wish I coulda been there in person to join the protests and to speak to the SF Board of Supervisors.

Below, volunteers attempt to find out what happened the day KUSF was shut down:

If you want to join the fight to save KUSF (the sale isn’t set in stone yet–it’s gotta get approved by the FCC), go to http://www.savekusf.org.


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