To all my Peeps in the So-Cal area:  I will be hitting the stage this Tues. 2/1, alongside big-time comedians Rick Overton, Eddie Ifft, Suzanne Whang, Ngaio Bealum and Mark Silverman on Axis Mundi night at the Actor’s Gang on Venice Blvd. near Culver City downtown.  I need a lotta people making noise since it’s my first legit L.A. gig.  Come on by!!  In celebration of Black History Month, the theme of the night is White Guilt!!  It’s pay-what-you -can..Doors open at 7pm.  There’s an outside bar behind the stage.  Show starts at 8pm.

Tues. 2/1, 8pm @ the Actor’s Gang, 9070 Venice Blvd.  City of Culver

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