It’s that time of year again!! Time for the Keith Knight Holla-day Kommissions! This is where you tell me what to draw (within reason) on a 9×12 piece of bristol, and I charge you the shockingly low price of $125!!  Ever wonder what you, your family or friends would look like if they appeared in the K Chronicles or the Knight Life?  Wanna see my take on a favorite superhero of yours?  Wanna see Gunther with huge boobs?  Here’s your chance!!

How to do it:   1. Email me at with your proposal  2. Drop the $$$ in my tip-cup after hearing from me.  3. Sit by your mailbox in anxious anticipation!!

This is THE PERFECT GIFT for that comic strip loving fool you know.

Get your orders in quick.  I need them by Dec. 15th to guarantee them by Xmas.


They’re coming!  I swear!  We hope to finish them this week.  Our computer died earlier this year, and we lost the program that created the previous calendars.  I’ll send out an email as soon as they’re done.


I met Leslie Nielsen years ago after moving to San Francisco in the early nineties. I was working as a P.A. for a T.V. show that interviewed Hollywood folk.  We were interviewing Nielsen for the first Naked Gun movie.  He walked into the hotel room where all the reporters were , and started talking with a very serious demeanor.  In the middle of his speech he paused, and let out a long, nosy fart.  He then proceeded to finish his very serious speech.

He had a rubber fart squeezie behind his back.  Excellent!!

The host of the show that  I worked on was the hilarious Bonnie Steiger, who I talked to recently about a film she had a small part in :

I wanted to do a strip about it, but she said she didn’t want to give the director any more publicity.

And last but not least:

Get yer cheap on, courtesy of the New York Times Frugal traveler:

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