*The Vegas Valley Book Fest went down last weekend all across the City of Las Vegas and yours truly was an invited guest.  It was the first time I’d been back since doing it about 5 years back when it was still in the nearby city of Henderson Nevada.

The city is behind it now, so it’s grown a lot.  The comics contingent was located at the Clark County  library.  In addition to publishers (like Top Shelf and Slave Labor), there were stores (Alternate Reality), an actor (Felix Silla), a band (Kirby Krackle) and artists.

Plus, they had panels and screened Tron and the Empire Strikes Back.   A lot of good stuff.

I’ve read that L.A.’s food truck craze has spread nationwide–so it was nice to see three trucks sitting outside the Library for some decent eats.

The  self-publishing panel and my slideshow went well.

weirdest moment: When a volunteer came up and said, “I thought you were the guy that did Mother Goose and Grimm..”

2nd weirdest moment: When Silla went off on a political rant about California after I told him I enjoyed his work when I was a young boy.


Fellow cartoonist and all-around cool cat Jim Mahfood is having a gallery opening around a block and a half from my apartment, this saturday 11/13.   It sounds like it’s gonna be a blow out.  Check it out!!  Details here.

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