Hey kids..SPX was wonderful. By now you’ve read about the highlights, but I’ve gotta attach this video cuz it’s cool:

The highlight that continues to stand out is viewing Ollie Harrington’s work. There were a coupla pieces in there that he did while living in Germany (he moved there to escape American racism).

It made me think of all the great African American artists that left for Europe.  Hendrix, Baldwin, Wright, Baker–the list goes on and on. I sometimes wonder if I’ll find myself living in Germany one of deez daze…

Very special thanks to my D.C. hype-man Warren Bernard, who takes over the reins of SPX next year!  Good luck, mah man!!

The next few signings: New York Comic Con 10/8 & 9, Denver 10/11, and San Francisco (APE) 10/16 & 17..

I caught this great animated short a few weeks back.  If you ain’t feelin’ it, you’re one jaded em-effa!!

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