Celebrated 8 years of matrimony this past weekend with a trip to Topanga Canyon and brunch at the Inn of the Seventh Ray. We had a table outside, close to a stream as yoga studio music played in the background. Very pleasant, very hippie/healthy, very costly, very Southern California.

I thought it was called Inn of the Seventh “Veil” when I was looking for directions.  Turns out that’s a strip joint on Sunset.

Our anniversary ended with wine and a screening of Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous.  The film played a large role in courting the wifey back in San Francisco.  I tried to tell this to Mr. Crowe when I met him, but my mind blanked on the name of the film, resulting in me telling Mr. Crowe that I would not tell him which of his movies was crucial in securing said wife.  (it was a really weird exchange.)

Anyway–it’s a great film (what the hell happened with Kate Hudson’s career?), but it didn’t do well at the box office, which got me to thinking of great films that didn’t make any $$$ but deserved to. My top three:

1.Almost Famous– Everything’s great about this flick. The actors. The music.  The Eastern Airlines plane. The only thing they got wrong was the black kid’s hairstyle in the mom’s classroom.


2.The Iron Giant-I was just talking to an animator that worked on this film at Comic-Con.  This was so good that a politician begged on the floor of Congress for people to see it (to no avail).


3.Children of Men-By the director who made the only Harry Potter movie I could recommend.  This is another flick with so many really good actors and GREAT shots.

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