Hot off my triumphant return to Boston, I now find myself back in Los Angeles and ready to throw down in the City of Angels, with a book release event for my brand new Knight Life collection, Chivalry Ain’t Dead. Over 200 pages of my nationally syndicated comic strip.

It’s going down this Thursday, June 24th, 6:30pm, at my unofficial drawing studio, the Conservatory for Coffee, 10117 Washington Blvd. in Culver, CA.

I’ll be doing my world famous slideshow… there’ll be art on the walls, plenty of wine, a ton of books, and a special appearance by the Incredible Cuteness of Being!!  Ambient sounds provided by my Conservatory accomplice, Cato!

Can’t make it?   You can buy the deluxe version here.


Besides having marvelous slideshow/book signings in Malden, Cambridge, Salem and Somerville,  I took in a Sox game (they won!), saw a ton of friends and family, ate lobster rolls and fried clams, and had a tremendously spanky time. Hmmm..Is a return to New England in my future?


..replicating the trip I made 20 years ago when I first drove from Boston to Los Angeles. Instead of college pals, I took two of my younger cousins this time around.  We had a marvelous time, with special visits made to the Arch in St. Louis and a stop at my sister’s place in Parker, Co.  The Rockies were amazing.  Kansas was a tough slog (though Colby, KS was fascinating).

The main difference from 20 years ago is that the coffee is better and the bathrooms are cleaner.  And there are far less Stuckey’s, and more Cracker Barrels!

Expect some comics about it soon.


..in filling book orders.  It was cuz I was on the road for three and half weeks.  I am back and stuffing envelopes. Expect yer stuff within a week!


Hi there Keith,

I can’t say I was familiar with your work prior to the comic strip that I saw in the June 2010 issue of “Funny Times.” The particular comic strip describes how your thoughts on professional wrestling (WWF style) have evolved and how they relate to modern day news coverage. The quote that I thought was absolutely funny as hell and so true to the mark was “It’s not just news-It’s entertainment disguised as news..It’s ‘The Daily Show’ without the smirk & far more staged than wrestling ever was…”  Coming from a family that was HUGE into professional wrestling back in the 90’s this is one of those things that is hilarious not only because it’s just funny, but because it’s so true. Just want to say this made me an INSTANT fan, and I am looking forward to purchasing your newest book and hope to see your contributions continue in “Funny Times.” Thank you for making me laugh in a time that is so downtrodden and negative that all you can do is laugh to stay sane.

Your (maybe?) newest fan,




After freeloading for what must be years now (but always intending to buy a
I waltz into my local bookstore and stumble on a copy of Dances with
…huzzah!!! And then discover it is an AUTOGRAPHED COPY!!!!

Considering the bookstore is in Perth, Western Australia…the most isolated
city on this planet, you have gotta be impressed with how far and wide your
work travels!!

Next stop…Marginal Prophets!

Thanks for the laughs, Sir Keef.


Ps: Perth is my home-town, the bookstore I scored the book from is next-door
to my clothing shop. Though at the moment, I live in Bali…just opened a
tapas bar here.
I was only in Perth for a few days to do a bit of maintenance on the
store…so stumbling on the book was all the more random.


Good day, Mr. Knight.

Knight Life is one of the few comics I enjoy on a consistent basis along with Baby Blues (we have two young kids) Doonesbury (a favorite since the 1960s) and Pearls Before Swine (Pastis is great, great, great).

I’m not a picking of nits, okay, maybe sometimes, but in this strip, I couldn’t help but notice an error that I made for years until corrected.   Maybe you care, maybe you don’t, but in case you do, I think the expression you want is “champing at the bit” (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/champ_at_the_bit) though “chomping” has, by common usage, squeezed its way into the vernacular.   Just FYI and not a criticism, I promise.  We love the strip.

Thanks and, if applicable to you, next weekend, Happy Fathers Day.  For this week, Happy Flag Day.  Thanks for the laughs on a daily basis – you do a great job, not that you needed us to tell you.  Tip of the rally cap to you, sir.

Lake Elmo, MN
(Reading you in the Minneapolis Star Tribune)

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