Woohah!! Sound the trumpets! My first collection of daily cartoons has entered the building!!

The Knight Life: Chivalry Ain’t Dead is over 200 pages of daily Keef Comics, with cartoonist commentary, and a swanky intro by highly respected hip-hop journalist Jeff Chang.

Be the first on your block to get yer hands on this tasty tome. Click on this link and it’ll take you to the Knight Life website store. You can order a book regular-style, or super swanky/I’ll draw something in there for you-stylie!!

You could also come and see me at a number of signings I’m doing in the Boston-area. I’ve been invited back here as a guest of honor at the New England Chapter of the National Cartoonist Society’s annual luncheon. I’ll be doing my world-famous slideshow there, along with venues in Malden (my hometown), Salem and Cambridge Mass Check the calendar for details.

Along with the new book, I’ll have copies of K Chronicle and (th)ink stuff, along with the Beginner’s Guide to Community-Based Arts and original art.  Come on out and see me!!

Course..I’ll be stuffing my face with lobster rolls, too.  You know how I do.


I’m also back here clearing out my great uncle’s place.  If you’re in the Greater Boston area and you’re into antiques, old books, funky jackets, art and detritus.  Email me and i’ll give you directions to my great uncle’s place for the estate sale we’re having this weekend.  Hit  me up a keef@kchronicles.com


Mr. Knight,

I wanted to write to say how much I’ve enjoyed your work over the years.  Our entire family has enjoyed the K Chronicles, (Th)ink, and your books.  Our son has also purchased a Marginal Prophets CD – how cool is that?

I’m still waiting for Aaron McGruder to make an appearance in our area so I can tell him how much I like the K Chronicles. (It looks like I may be waiting a while though.)


Your “3-D version” of Chivalry Ain’t Dead reminded me of a bit of twisted humor from my brother.
Did you hear that Apple is introducing an new product: goggles for viewing 3-D movies on an i-Pad. They’ll be named “i-Glasses”!!

Love, love, love your cartoons, dude.  As a teacher, husband, father, I find them hilarious & refreshingly uplifting.  Poignant & honest.

This weekend, some buddies and I had a life’s little victory we wanted to share.

“Wife & baby go out of town on a surprise trip.

On the same weekend you planned a guys night out!


Or something to that effect.

Keep up the good work.  Your work is one of the reasons I love getting Funny Times each month.


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