..as we hock our wares in the confines of Artist’s Alley (table AA28) at Northern California’s largest pop culture gathering.

Along with the usual krappe, I’ll have some new prints to sell, including the K Chronicles Primate Change, Howard Zinn, and One Black Kid strips.

Plus: a sneak peek at the upcoming Knight Life collection.

We’ll also be doing a panel on Saturday about an upcoming exhibition that our work is in.  Here are the details:

3:30-4:30 Coloring Outside the Lines: Black Cartoonists as Social Commentators� Featuring artists from the upcoming San Francisco art exhibit by the same name, nationally syndicated cartoonists Darrin Bell (Candorville, Rudy Park), Keith Knight (award-winning K Chronicles, (th)ink, The Knight Life), and Kheven LaGrone (curator of Coloring Outside the Lines) discuss their art.  Animated shorts by nationally syndicated cartoonist Jerry Craft (Mama’s Boyz) will also be screened. Moderated by Thomas Robert Simpson (founder and artistic director of the AfroSolo Arts Festival). Room 236/238

There’ll also be plenty o’ parties including the Cartoon Art Museum on Friday night, and Comix Experience on Saturday.

Speaking of the Cartoon Art Museum..gallery manager Andrew Farago  sez he’ll shave a Batman logo into his head if folks will donate to the C.A.M.  There’s only one week left in the fundraiser..They only need $3000 to put em over the top and send Andrew to the barber’s chair.

Hey!!  I’m teaching a workshop at the world famous Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa on Saturday April 17th.  I’ll be talking all about the perils of syndication, self-syndication, and going web-exclusive.  There’s only a limited amount of folks who can attend, so I suggest signing up sooner than later.  Go here.


–at 12:30pm Pacific for an interview.  Or 107.3 fm if you’re in town.


Hi Mr. Knight,
I am in eighth grade and am working on a National History Day project. I am doing a documentary about how innovative Morrie Turner and “Wee Pals” were during the Civil Rights era. While doing research, I found your “Soul Corner” tribute to Morrie’s 45th anniversary. I think it is great and would love to use it along with a strip Morrie drew about Rainbow Power as the last image in my video — before of course the credits. If you give me permission to use it, I will include a caption stating it was drawn by you. Also you will be mentioned in the credits.
Just so you know, this project is a competition that has three levels — district, state, and nationals. How far I will get — who knows — but I’m hoping to make it all the way.

Thank you in advance,


(Cool!!  I’ll keep you up-to-date on how K. does with his doc!-kk)

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