Back from a week in Seattle visiting ye evil twin sis and guesting it at the Emerald City Comic Con.

Our visit got off to a rough start when the Incredible Cuteness of Being got mischievous during a diaper change and rolled across my sister’s bed, creating an effect not dissimilar to screen printing.

But I was excited to hang with my good comics pal Steve Notley, Canadian Seattlite, and creator of Bob the Angry Flower. He works at videogame co. Popcap. And I was invited to their offices to get my ass summarily kicked at Foosball by a coupla Popcappers.

I got beat so bad that I dreamt I was a soccer goalie and I was continually letting simple shots get past me.   I was being cussed out in several different languages, courtesy of my teammates and fans.

At some point I realized the refs moved my goal from out behind me.  And when I saw another shot go in I blamed the refs for moving the net.  It was quite traumatizing.


Besides dropping the heaviest thing I was carrying on my toe, I had a fun show.  I had no new books (which is a big no-no if you want to make scratch), but enough folks came through to make it interesting.

This con continues to grow and it’s easy to see why.  It’s become the go-to con for many web-cartoonists.  Swell folks like Meredith Gran, Rich Stevens, the fellas at Halfpixel and many, many more.

For the 2nd year in a row, I was parked next to Daneille Corsetto (Girls with Slingshots), and she was outta books by early Sunday!!  I also got to meet Kate Beaton (Hark!  A Vagrant), whose work was given to me by a mutual fan at APE2009.  Funny, smart stuff.  Glad the two of them won Lulu Awards.

Steve and I went for some sushi at Blue C Sushi where they were showing Godzilla movies on the wall.  And then fer some killer pinball at some dive that was most righteous.


While I was up there, I had a meeting at the Seattle Times in an attempt to get my daily strip into the paper.  I think it went well and suggest that every one of you Seattle area readers–go to the Times website and fill out the online comics survey–and suggest the Knight Life!!  But please–ONLY SEATTLE AREA READERS!! They’ll toss out folks who fill it out who don’t live in the area.


Anyone familiar with the K Chronicles from back in the day know of my college friend Amanda’s band o’ triplet babies, Dirt, Soil and Hummus.  Welp, they’re all grown up and on their way to high school in Seattle!!  I hope to do an update strip on them sometime in the near future.  My boy points to their Christmas card and not only names the triplets, but also their two younger brothers: Tofu and Soybean.

We had a great time up there..Seattle is inched up the ladder on the “cities we might move to after L.A.”  list.

Seattle song of the week: My Time by Minus the Bear

*UPCOMING: WONDERCON IN SAN FRANCISCO!! (Apr. 2-4 at Moscone Center South)

I’ll be in artist’s alley with a very special guest at my table: Darrin Bell, the artist behind Rudy Park and creator of Candorville!! Come on by and ask which one of us is the creator of the Boondocks.

This was given to me by a reader up in Seattle.

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