Hey!  Tell all yer cool friends who work at Google that Keith Knight is coming to take their $$$ and eat in their great cafeteria I keep reading about.  It’s true!!  I’ve been invited to do my world famous slideshow at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA on Monday at 11am!!  Then we’re off to San Francisco for a little celebratin’..seeing as it’s the wifey’s birthday!!


the K Chronicles: I haven’t done much about the Unbearable Cuteness of Being, so I went and done did.  What’s nice about this is he can look back on all this stuff and have a record of how he drove his parents crazy.

son & pop

Beware!! The Devil-baby!!

(th)ink: Continuing the Black Her-Story Month series.  Inspired by Morrie Turner’s Soul Sistahs!! (th)ink will be posting on Thursday night Friday morn, whilst the K Chronicles will go up every Tuesday.


– “We’ve been doing the GCAs for five years now, and I’ve seen many different creators nominated for all sorts of comics. The one constant throughout it all has been Keith Knight and The K Chronicles. Fifth straight nomination, three consecutive wins. Seven lifetime noms for Keef. That’s respect, folks.” -Rich Watson, creator of the Glyph Awards

Wow!  Just found out I’ve been nominated for another Glyph this year, with the K Chronicles being nominated for a fifth straight time and the Knight Life (my daily) being nominated for the first time.

The Glyph Comics Awards recognize the best in comics made by, for, and about people of color from the preceding calendar year.


I’ve received a lot of spectacular feedback re: the Howard Zinn K Chronicles.  I’ve posted a couple below.-kk

Dear Sir (I must speak with respect):

I have loved your comics for many years, but this one kind of outdid anything
I have seen so far.

A number of years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Zinn, but was unable to do so. The chance will never be revisited. It gave me some comfort
to know that other people feel about Dr. Zinn the way I do.

Thank you for honoring him in your strip, and thank you for doing the strip.

J., Salt Lake City

Dear Keith,

What a terrific comic strip on Howard. Thank you so much. He would’ve loved it. I was one of the countless people who considered Howard a close friend–we worked together for the last six years on his film The People Speak and on our project Voices of a People’s History of the United States. He was very, very funny and he would’ve loved this.


B. Brooklyn, NY

and, re: the K Chronicles sled strip:

Hey keef,

Just read your sled cartoon in the funny times. I actually know the real “agony of
defeat” guy, and it ain’t you! His name is Jim “Moose” Barrows and he lives here in
Steamboat Springs, CO. He told me he didn’t actually feel that much agony.

He’s such a show-off…

As always, I enjoy your goofy self.


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