It’s true!  After more than a decade, The K Chronicles will no longer be posting weekly at I appreciate the exposure Salon has given the strip and wish it well…But it was made clear to me that it was time to move on.

What’s in store for the strip?  For one thing, there’s this spanky new website!!  We’ve still got plenty of stuff to add, but when we’re done you’ll be able to view the complete K Chronicle archive going waaay back to my college (!!) daze.  Plus a few multi-page and full-color stories.

You’ll also be able to catch the strip over at A site that posts only good news.  I like that.  Please head over there and tell ’em the K Chronicles makes you happy.

One last Salon note: A couple of Salon contributors, King Kaufman and Cary Tennis, got stomped by some serious illnesses, so a few folks have put together an E-bay auction to raise some $$$ to help with medical bills.  I donated a K Chronicles original that is currently going for $9.99!!  Get over there and help me save face (it’s for a good cause)!!

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