..who came by the Los Angeles Anarchist Book Fair over the weekend. It was great to reconnect with so many folk who I had met in the Bay Area. Plus all the new people I met including Aaron, the kid selling classic vinyl, to Terry, the Critical Resistance Superhero–and all folks in between.

I’m looking to head to the Bay Area around the 22nd of Feb., so if there are any tasty events going on, let me know.


Hi Keith,

Now, You don’t know me so you can stop wracking your brain trying to come up with a face to a name… I was a Freshman at SSC in 1989 when we protested at the state capital for the tuition increases and were reprimanded for stomping on the flowers. Now, is there a snowball’s chance in hell that there is a print of the strip you did for the t-shirts that has survived these 20 years?

(Still) love reading the K Chronicles!

Best wishes,


(wow!! talk about a blast from the past!! and i just attended an s.s.c alumni dinner in long beach for those of us who escaped new england!!-kk)

Hey Keith,

I get “Funny Times” and just wanted to let you know that I am always amazed at how many things hit home daily that you have in the “(K)chronicles, etc…)”. I grew up in Jersey but now I’m in teeny Peterborough, N.H….still your stuff hits home, I mention the “Honey is the only food that doesn’t go bad” thing and all that. I know folks send in things that they experience but I can’t right now…one too many new beer samples. Just wanted to say “hi” and we appreciate your humor in Peteborough, N.H.

Take care,


Hello Keith,

I’m Chris and I have been reading your strip for years. I first found it in our local weekly rag and always make a point every week to find a copy. It’s really the only redeeming quality of the thing, and never fails to bust me up. Very funny stuff man. Very smart clever and quick. So I’ve done a little online searchin’ and would like to get a copy of your book. Also, do you, or the Marginal Prophets, ever make it to SLC? We’re not quite the cultural wasteland most perceive us to be, but I don’t know if you’re ever out this way. Would love to catch a performance…

Anyhoo, look forward to more from you and hope the new year is treating you


(ahh–who knows when the prophets will perform again..i would love to–but i’m 300 miles away from my band!!-kk)

Hey K:

I’ve been reading your article monthly in FUNNY TIMES for maybe 8 years now (guessing). It’s my favorite thing in there. Every issue I think I’m going to write you and tell you. Well I finally did. Thanks for the cool strip and keep up the good work!!! You know I feel like they were all written about me and my experiences. But I bet everyone says that, don’t they?

Where can I get more of your stuff? Do you really have books out now? I live in backward Oklahoma and we don’t have anything near as cool as this in our newspapers comic strips. And can I get something daily or weekly online. I just got to your website and haven’t looked at it yet.

Again, thanx for the fun and games
a K Chronicles fan

(wow..new hampshire, utah and oklahoma!! mebbe i should run for president!!
you can score mosta my stuff from the website store, but expect a lot more to come as far
as product goes, later this year!!-kk)


I recently received a forgotten rebate from some software that I bought online. So I figured that in the spirit of the film, ‘Pay it Forward’ I’d pass the PayPal funds on to your tip jar.

If I understand the premise of the movie correctly this means I’m entitled to make out with Helen Hunt sometime soon… but I may have missed the point.

Happy New Year anyway.

– R.

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