Thank you-thank you-thank you to Beth who sent me the Wire:the Complete Series on DVD!! You have a special place in my kingdom when I boldly take over the planet in 2012!!

Okay!! So the Wire is crossed off the list and, according to the email of the week below, I’ll be getting some bacon , too!!


Hey Keef,

I just wanted you to know that I am a regular reader of your strip on
Salon and you always bring a grin to my face. I am currently living in
Osaka Japan but during the holidays, my thoughts wander back to America,
where I stay current with my trusty computer.

If you are serious about your christmas wishes, I would like to turn you on to some really fine, down home, bacon the is sold by an amazing deli called Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, MI, where I used to live and go to school. Their applewood smoked bacon is great as are all their other offerings. Tell me where to send it and the bacon pigs will take flight to your abode. I’m serious! I can’t spring for the Bacon of the month membership: that’s just a bit too rich for my blood, but how about a pound or so of some righteous bacon for the holidays?

Let me know if you are serious and I will make it happen.

A fan,

S., Osaka, Japan

This isn’t the Bacon of the Month membership, so I’m still hopin’ to score one.

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