I know, I know.. I effed up. It’s a guillotine, not a gallows.

And happy 70th to the mouse formerly known as Mortimer!

Thanks to all who came out to see me at the Afropunk/Saul Williams show at the Roxy and my first official signing in L.A. at Meltdown Comics. Plenty was purchased. Beer was gone by 9:30pm. Turnout was dandy for a Saturday night, with folks bringing their kids to bond with the Incredible Cuteness of Being.

Special thanks to Chris at Meltdown and Matthew at Afropunks for letting me do my thing.


Dear Keith,

I consider it one of “life’s little victories” when two people I like a lot get together and enjoy each other’s company. This happened for me when I tuned in a favorite NPR show last night and heard Dick Gordon interview you for “The Story.” What a treat! It was great to have you talk about your background and how you got into cartooning.

I’ve been reading the “K Chronicles” for a number of years in a monthly I subscribe to called “The Funny Times.” I regularly read “The Knight Life” on Comics.com as well. I love the far-flung topics you cover in your work and am glad to know you are reaching a wider audience. A note of personal humor for me is your wife’s German connection. I was “imported” to the US by my mother in 1952 at the age of 4 but have always kept up with the language and culture. Your comics on the intersection of you and the German in-laws were a riot.

Thanks for all the pleasure you bring me and your other fans!

Pittsboro, NC

(i know it’s old–i meant to throw it up a while ago-kk)

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