Looking fer something unique and cool to give yer loved ones this holiday season? How ’bout getting a one-of-a-kind personalized sketch from your very favorite, friendly neighborhood cartoonist?

If they’re too busy, get one done from me! You tell me what you want and I’ll draw it for you (within reason) in black ink on white bristol, suitable for framing, and graciously signed by the arteest. All this for the tiny, miniscule cost of $125!! What a bah-gin!!

Caricatures!! Superheroes!! Pets!! My characters in compromising positions!! (Almost) anything goes!!

I did this once before to raise money for the Coup after their bus accident. The response was so overwhelming that I ended up not doing as many as I’d hoped. Here’s yer chance to hit me up again. Please note that you cannot use the drawings for commercial purposes.

Just email me at keef@kchronicles.com and I’ll let you know what you gotta do. Put “Keith Knight Kommissions” in the subject line.

Act fast!! I’m only taking them from today til the end of November.

Cheers!! And don’t forget to order your 2010 calendar here!!

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