..I should be in Las Vegas this weekend. Dishing the dirt on how to be a big-time syndicated cartoonist. If you ain’t know about it, find out!! It’s $350 for a two-day forum.


Hello ,

My name is C. and I would like to thank you for work, it has helped me through the bad times allow me to explain.

I am from Colombia, South America (I hate it when people misspell it as Columbia) and as you may know most customer service call centers are no longer within the USA, but in India or South America, since I needed a job to pay for college so I found myself working in call centers for 2 years. The last one I worked in was heaven at the beginning; we could surf the net, listen to music, talk amongst ourselves and after one month of working there I got promoted to be supervisor, it could not get better.

Unfortunately my coworkers (I never considered them my subordinates when I got to be supervisor) got jealous. Most of them were over 25 and had been working at least a year and a half in the call center
industry, instead I was just 21 and had been in the call center industry for only 6 moths counting the experience I had from the previous job, so they talked to my boss and said they found my promotion to be a total offense since they found themselves to be better qualified for the job. So after 3 horrible months of gossip, bad attitude and fights, I lost my promotion and was back to being a customer service agent.

I thought things would go back to normal since I was an agent again, but I was wrong!!!. They wanted me out so they continued to make my stay unpleasant, I could not quit my job since I needed the money really
bad, to make matters worse after I got back to being an agent the new supervisor sucked, which led to poor customer service quality. So my boss changed the rules we could no longer listen to music or surf the web and they removed the card games from the computers, I was desperate I had no way to pass the time.

Eventually I found that google books was not blocked !!! Finally I could read and allow my mind to wander to other places instead of the horrible atmosphere at work. After sometime I decided to search for manga and using the key word “comics” I found out about your work. I started reading “What a long strange strip it has been” and I CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!! YOUR STRIP OPENED UP MY MIND AND I WAS ABLE TO LEARN, LAUGH AND SURVIVE MY SHIFTS, thanks to the fact I was able to get my mind occupied and did not lower myself as much as my coworkers regarding the gossip part.

So later I graduated from college and got another job so I decided to buy the complete K chronicles, I am now saving up to buy the th(ink) books lets hope I can get them by Christmas.





Mr. Knight,

You make beautiful cartoons. I have been following your work for years now,
and continue to be impressed by your ability to tell a story. I am happy to
subscribe to Salon.com and I hope that my small contribution allows you to
continue to make a living through your art.

You have earned yourself a lifelong fan.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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