Fargas, the Filthy Fork does. Lemon juice is a natural, non-toxic, inexpensive alternative to chlorine bleach. Use it and be happy.

I’ve always enjoyed washing dishes. It was the first job I ever had. But I’ve seen too many folks over the years take on the task too lightly.

On my trip to the Bay Area this past weekend, fellow Marginal Prophet Jeff Kramer (Chernobyl Def G), was discussing an idea for an upcoming webisode of his foodie show the Food Dude. He wanted to do a show instructing folks how to wash dishes correctly. I told him I wanted to be a special guest commentator.

Anyhoo..I hope some of you print the strip out and stick it on your fridge. Bad dishwashing is what’s destroying America!!

Had a great time up in the Bay, where I did slideshows in Berkeley and SF. Apologies to the folks at Comic Relief who left before I arrived. I had to catch a later plane and didn’t land til 6pm.

Unfortunately, a miscommunication caused me to ditch my powerpoint slideshow and read a bunch of strips from the Complete K Chronicles. It turned out okay, due to the abundant quality beer that was consumed.

Shout-outs to Dawud, Kane and Co. and Big Irish Tom, who came over from SF for the East Bay show!!

San Francisco’s event the next evening was quite groovy. With Lev putting on a heckuva show and my Northern California fanboy, Dave, coming thru with the techs-pertise and making my powerpoint slideshow work without powerpoint. A hex on the woman who walked out before Lev when she didn’t think my slideshow was gonna work. A hex on you!!

Sold all my Complete K Chronicles and some original art! And thanks to the Lucasfilm dude who supplied me with my boy’s first official Star Wars shirt!!

And thanks to fanboy Dave for the Obama pillow!!

After gobbling down a bucketful of sushi, Jeff and I went and checked out the movie everyone is talkin’ bout, District 9. It does not disappoint. 45 minutes into the movie, I turned to Jeff and said “I cannot believe I am actually using my brain during a movie!!”

The wild thing about it is it cost $30 million to make the film (compared to Transformers 2’s $200 million price-tag!!)..I hope it makes a buttload o’ money..and I hope when they make the sequel, they try to keep the pricetag down.

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