..in Berkeley and San Francisco. I hope folks can make it out to them cuz we didn’t have much time to promote it. Comic Relief hasn’t updated their site, but it really is happening.

Again, here’s the skinny:
This Friday, August 14th 6:30pm- Comic Relief *2026 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley
Slideshow/booksigning with Lev (Tales of Mere Existence)

This Saturday, August 15th 6:30pm- Al’s Comics*1803 Market St. (nr. Octavia) San Francisco
Slideshow/booksigning with Lev (Tales of Mere Existence)

Also, this Saturday at 2pm:
I’ll be joining a bunch of folks at the San Francisco Main Library (100 Larkin St.) , celebrating the art of Morrie Turner (Wee Pals). Morrie will be interviewed live and I may be saying a word or two.

Did I mention this before? Fellow Cartoonist with Attitude Brian McFadden (Big Fat Whale) put together a tagteam slideshow signing featuring the both of us at the Irish pub the Burren, 247 Elm St. Davis Square in Somerville. It’s happening on Saturday, August 29th, 4-7pm. The place is gonna be crawling with family, friends, and folks from my high school and college (courtesy of Facebook!).



I talked to you briefly at this year’s Comic-con about a few of my “life’s
little victories” that I had this summer, and you told me to email them to
you. (You showed me where you bought that Owly hat for your little guy.) I
talked with my wife about some of these moments, since we decided to spend
practically the entire summer camping in a pop-top camper with our two
kiddos. (Yes, it was nuts.) So, here are my little victories in an otherwise
insane summer vacation.

– Half-way to our next camping spot I realized (3 hours into the drive,)
that I forgot my new iPhone at the last camping spot, only to find it on the
roof of our car when we stopped for lunch. The case was a weird rubbery
thing that my wife insisted I had to have.
– We forgot firewood for keeping warm, but then the previous campers left
a huge stack of wood.
– I went to use the community showers at the KOA where TONS of people
were camping, only to find that all the toilets and showers were vacant and
newly cleaned.
– Camping with my kids for the first time, and they actually sleep in.
– Getting called by my mother-in-law (the inlaws and 12 other family
friends joined us for a few nights camping in Mendocino) to play a card
game and I win three times in a row.
– Remembering that I packed extra wine when we almost ran out.

I have more, but I hope that helps! (Do you actually use these? If so,

On a side note, after I bought your big-ass “Complete K-Chronicles,” I wound
up placing it on the top of the toilet in the master bedroom. This was not
because that’s where I intended it to be, but it just happened. A few days
ago, my sister dropped by our house to hang out with us and the kids and at
one point she disappeared. A few moments later I heard her snorting and
blorting out laughs from our bathroom and my wife looked at me with

“It’s okay honey, it just keef,” I said.

My sister wants a copy for Christmas, so I have to make a stop at Powells
Books next time I visit her in Portland and pick one up.
We love your stuff, dude.

-S. in Alaska

P.S. You need an RSS feed on your blog!

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