Whoo..Mah Lordy!! Another Comic-Con has come and gone. Had a whirlwind of a time.
Some added observations that I couldn’t fit in this week’s strip:

1. This is the 2nd year in a row that Saturday was the slowest sales day of the weekend. I believe this to be the result of Saturday being the big movie panel day, upstairs. So if there’s ever a time to check out the convention floor, it’s Saturday.

2. I can no longer have Nappy Hour, my informal gathering of Black cartoonists, at the Tivoli Bar. It’s become too crowded. There was a time when the place was mellow and empty..not anymore.

3. A ton of folks came by to say they enjoy my United Feature strip, the Knight Life, in the Sunday Union Tribune.

4. Edward James Olmos walked by the table I was sharing with Jeff Keane, Jenny Robb and Steve Notley. Turns out Olmos’s band was playing that night upstairs in the House of Blues.

5. If you haven’t booked your hotel now for next year, you’re already too late.

6. Celeb spotting: Lou Ferrigno hanging out at Steve’s hotel bar. Martial Arts legend Jim Kelly signing on the convention floor. Adam West entering the building.

7. Picked up a copy of Real Deal, an extremely disturbing comic I used to peruse over a decade ago in Bay Area comix shops.

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