I should be in bed right now, but i’m still putting stuff together for Comic-Con.

I’ll have the usual: Books, CDs, Stickers, bags..But I’ll also have a sh**load of original K Chronicles, (th)ink, Knight Life artwork that I’m gonna unload. If you were ever interested in collecting some of my stuff, this is yer chance. I’m practically giving it away!!

Here’s my San Diego Comic-Con Schedule:
Weds-Sun. I’ll be located at my usual spot, K-15 in the Small Press section, right next to Steve Notley (Bob the Angry Flower).

Thursday: I’ll be leading the panel Indie Cartoonist Survival Guide, with Jim Mahfood, Lark Pien, Miriam Libicki, Paul Friedrich, Dave Kellett and possibly Shannon Wheeler (if he makes it by Thursday). If you’re a cartoonist who ain’t rich, this is the panel for you.

Friday: At 2pm, I’ll be sitting down at the Cartoon Art Museum table doing commission drawings to raise money for the museum. Come by and make me look good!!

Here’s their full schedule of artists:

Thursday, July 23
12pm-1pm: Phil Foglio
1pm-2pm: Lisa Ann Wilson, Rudy Reyes
2pm-3pm: Ted Naifeh
3pm-4pm: Bobby London
4pm-5pm: Zach Weiner
5pm-6pm: Debbie Huey
6pm-7pm: Brian Kolm

Friday, July 24
12pm-1pm: Brian Kolm, Ron Yavnieli
1pm-2pm: Anthony Hon
*****2pm-3pm: Susie Cagle, Keith Knight*******
3pm-4pm: Bobby London, Scott Shaw!
4pm-5pm: Dirk Tiede, David Lloyd
5pm-6pm: Mike & Doug Gray

Saturday, July 25
11am-12pm: Batton Lash
12pm-1pm: Karen Luk, Brian Kolm
1pm-2pm: Derek Kirk Kim, Jason Thompson
2pm-3pm: Jeff Keane, Ryan Germick
3pm-4pm: Bobby London
4pm-5pm: Rick Parker
5pm-6pm: Daniel Salcido
6pm-7pm: Lanny Liu, Jason Thompson

Sunday, July 26
12pm-1pm: Ron Yavnieli, Charlie Roberts
1pm-2pm: Lisa Ann Wilson
2pm-3pm: Charles Yoakum
3pm-4pm: Daniel Salcido
4pm-5pm: R. Sikoryak

CAM¹s booth number is 1930. Located near the giant Comic Book Legal
Defense Fund booth, so they should be pretty easy to find.

Also on Friday, I’ll be boozing it up at the annual Nappy Hour at the ol Tivoli pub at 6th and Island. The drinking starts at 7pm!!

Saturday: I’ll be sharing the stage with Stephan Pastis and Richard Thompson, two of the daily comic page’s hottest stars. Here’s the skinny:

12:00-1:00 Comic Strip Syndication Is Dead: Long Live Syndication!— This Q&A session with Stephan Pastis (Pearls Before Swine), Richard Thompson (Cul De Sac) and Keith Knight (The Knight Life) looks at the pros and cons of comic strip syndication and the challenges and options for aspiring comic strip creators in this era of declining newspaper readership. Room 7AB



I just bought The Complete K Chronicles in a bookshop here in Perth, Western
Australia. I actually hadn’t seen your stuff before but it caught my eye and
seemed really funny in the shop.

I just wanted to say your stuff is *brilliant*, and you’ve picked up a new
fan. Thanks for creating such great comic strips!



I know you like people sending in information about life little victories. I
had one this morning on the train to work, but it’s a bit long.
In the morning, the train is pretty quiet. Most people are listening to
their iPods or banging away on their laptop. Occasionally, someone will be
having a phone conversation, but most people keep it pretty quiet.

This morning I was listening to my iPod when an older woman started having a
rather animated conversation with her mother. She was sitting several rows
from me, and even though I had earphones on, I couldn’t hear my iPod over
her conversation.

I went over there and asked her if she could either keep it down or go out
to the corridor (the area between train cars) to continue her conversation.

She simply replied, “Oh, get use to it”, and then continued talking although
a bit more quietly. I went back to my seat.

A few minutes later, she was again screaming at her mother on the phone, and
I again got up to ask her if she could keep it down or move to the corridor.

She gave me a dirty look and said, “Excuse me! I am having a private
conversation with my mother.”

I really lost it. I told her, yes she is having a conversation with her
mother, but it was no way private because everyone in that car could hear
her. And, quite frankly, her behavior and the tone she is using to talk with
her mother, is giving everyone on the train that she is a selfish brat who
has no consideration for anyone, not even her own mother.

Just then, I distinctly heard over her cellphone her mother saying “You tell
her, kid!”

At that point, I simply walked away, and the woman quickly ended the
conversation with her mother.



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