Readers seemed rather concerned about the violent K Chronicles I posted last week.

Why? I think art is a great way to work out stuff. Beats really stabbing someone in the face.

I spent a lot of last week reading the gleefully destructive Bob the Angry Flower, by my good pal Steve Notley. So’s I was in the mood fer some violence . And I was feeling sad because the wifey and I were finishing up the 5th season of the Wire. A lot of my favorite characters were gettin’ offed, combined with the realization that there are no more new episodes, combined with the fact that this show, the greatest TV show ever (I’m sure you’re sick of hearing that), never won the accolades it so richly deserved. And then I read the double whammy of my current city of residence being the most polluted (no surprise) and the most expensive(!!) city to live in the country.

Anyhoo..The letters keep coming in from folks who want us to move to their neck of da woods. Thanks for all the invites!!

Can you believe I’ve been doing a daily and two weekly strips for over a year now? 9 strips a week. Plus a few extras here and there.

Anyway..I’m psyched I made it this far, though I hope newspapers don”t disappear too soon.

Stuff I’ve learned in my first year of doing a daily strip:
-you can’t use “poo”
-you can’t show a gun going off
-pot and penis references just don’t fly
-“Cathy” is a lot better looking than her strip would lead you to believe.

Whaddaya mean you haven’t seen my daily strip?!! Then go here.

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