I won’t be doing this again any time soon.

I thought Seattle and Portland were a bit closer together, so I threw my hat in the ring at the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland after landing a slideshow gig for a fundraiser in Seattle. So on Saturday I got up a 5:30am in Seattle, left at 6 to go to Portland..Left early to drive back to Seattle for the slideshow gig that Saturday night..and then returned to Portland the next morn..only to return to Seattle that night.

Was it worth it? Hell yeah!! Me mum and lil sis flew out from Boston. Me, the Wifey and the Unbearable Cuteness of Being flew up from L.A. And we all went nuts at my “Evil” Twin Sister’s place in West Seattle. We had a great time.

The boy handled his first flight well. No ear-popping problems. The Seattle slideshow event was spectacular. I sold a mega-ton o’ books. Makes me wanna take the show on the road..

Stumptown has improved greatly from the last time I attended. New venue. More traffic. More publicity. I sold more than the last time, but not a whole lot more. At least not enough to do it again.

What are you waiting for? She’s got the best tea on the West Coast. And you can order it online!! Check her website.

April is shaping up to be the busiest month in a down year. I’ll be doing my 4th event of the month this weekend at the UCLA campus in Westwood. I’ll be selling books at the McSweeney’s Booth as usual. I’m not officially in the program, just look for the really tired looking black man behind the table.


Hello Keith,

You were very funny last night! We had to leave before I could purchase one of your
books. I would love to get one signed. Is there a way that I can do that? Have you
thought about making a graphic novel? I have just finished reading Watchmen and love
Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. I also loved Persepolis and Maus. I think that you would be a
terrific addition into this genre.

Thank you for being there last night!


(funny you should mention a graphic novel..i’m working on one.-kk)


Hey Keith —

By all means, move to Seattle. Great city. Besides, that way you can easily get up to Vancouver!


(… er, yes. I do live in Vancouver. Why do you ask?)


Subject: Saturday Night

So I’m on sunset blvd saturday night leaving the Echo. And I saw below me a group of squad police cars and a ambulance. By them was a bicycle laying on the ground and a body cover with a sheet (R.I.P.) I couldn’t help but think about your comic last week abouT this. Do “Not” get a bike Keith! LA is not like home in the east bay or SF where cars stop for cyclist.


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